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May 31, 2010

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THE “STUPID SEASON” IS UPON US…it used to be August and it used to be the “ silly season” but  matters have taken a turn for the worse…Monday, May 31, 2010

We have a governor and governors-to-be inveighing against an Albany where they have been active politicians for all their adult lives…I can hear them now, “WHO ME??!!! It’s was the other guy! I’m going to clean up.”


We have democrats running against the democratic legislature and unions for goodness sake!!…and republicans evading the tea baggers   tea party “populists” who are blaming Obama for being “un-American” for chastising poor little innocent BP…that wonderful multi- billion dollar British Company currently fouling up all the gulf states….say what!!?? It must be August!

…and the democratic candidate for governor (and all the republicans running against him) saying very boldly , “We won’t raise taxes!” meaning they won’t raise taxes on the Wall Street crowd that is raking in the do-re-mi BUT the HELL with the middle class that is devastated trying to keep their homes from exorbitant property taxes that go up every single yearAre these not taxes?? Are they not consuming 30% or 40% of family incomes”?  NAW…they mean they won’t raise the OTHER taxes…any other taxes.

Then there are the Dems and Republicans who say the Richie Rich crowd will flee to New Jersey if we raise taxes on them -ignoring the fact that the New Jersey legislature has raised those taxes already above what we are proposing.  Can these politicians be more insulting to the intelligence of the citizens of this state??

…and of course there are the minor parties –claiming to be either progressive or independent or conservative whose sole purpose in life is not to run candidates of their own ( which would give us a choice) but to rubber stamp some major party candidates.

Oh that’s a big help, dudes!!!

and we need to wonder why the politicians in both parties have managed to eke out beaucoup bucks for religious communities sitting on thousands of acres of land and getting a free ride…but not a penny for property tax relief for those of us carrying the load…You think it’s because the politicians are ensuring their place in paradise-or just buying votes (you get one guess)?

You think that’s stupid… how about the emails I get at Property telling me stuff like … let’s see…Oh yeah…”Obamacare” (the angry oldies’ name for the very modest government health care reform bill…VERY MODEST…) “Obamacare is going to cut off body parts from seniors to feed illegal aliens”…or words to that effectthe stupid season in spades.  Leave me off your list PULEESE!!

Then there are the meetings around the state being hosted by twenty year ALBANY veterans ( from both parties) on “Fixing Albany” or “Making Albany Function” or “reforming property taxes next year maybe- if I am re-elected for the tenth time and there’s money.)…hey, here’s an idea Mr./Ms. Legislator. Let’s start the reform ball rolling with your resignation!

Of course it’s open season on teachers…after all they should be punished for keeping our (ahem) thoroughly disciplined and charming youngsters away from home where they drive us nuts…( will the summer never end??? Oh right, it hasn’t started yet.)

However I do have a bone to pick with teachers….these bleeding heart mentors of our young seem to think  (fondly) that they are doing society  a service by telling any spawn of the devil who happens to be designated “gifted and talented” (as opposed to ungifted and untalented????) that he/she will be a leader of men-and presumably women-…


In turn, that creates a very crowded field of “gifted and talented” running furiously against each other and having no skills whatsoever except for the dubious distinction of being able to cram ten untruths into a single campaign promise. “Caps” anyone???

Those who do not become legislators or governors or mayors etc.(and immediately proceed to expose themselves every which way) will lead revivalist religious movements or start splinter political groups dedicated to giving them something to lead so Ms. Thing  their “gifted and talented” pre-kindergarten  class teacher  will be proud of them.

They will then be caught with a “rent boy” or someone else’s wife and go into rehab-where they will be told that they threw away their promising lives as “gifted and talented” leaders BUT will emerge cleansed to become “gifted and talented” talking heads on cable news.

….so I beseech teachers to temper their enthusiasm for nurturing children’s “leadership” potential and deliver stern advice instead… like staying out of airport rest rooms; keeping your paws off interns, altar boys and public money; and actually doing something constructive for society…like your job, Mr./Ms. legislator, banker, priest, CEO…YOUR JOB!…

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