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May 27, 2010

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        ALBANY IS A SOUK…A BAZAAR… a MARKET PLACE…Thursday, May 27, 2010

…BUYING & SELLING…HAWKING &TRADINGadvising & instigating…GIVING &GETTING…bidding &fighting



If you’re not in Albany in person or –better yet-represented by a lobbyist or a group… FORGET YOU!….out of sight-out of mind.

Of course you ARE represented…The Omnibus Tax Solution Consortium has a presence in Albany –at times some of us- at times all of usbut every day-fighting for working and middle income families’ interests- OUR extraordinary leader and coordinator, Ron Deutsch.

Our presence means we can keep making the case for property tax relief and reform-as part of the larger picture of inequities in taxation in our state and in our country as a whole.

Taxation is necessary to pay for the services a civilized society needs. It’s all well and good to decry government…but after you sober up or put out the funny cigarettes (or maybe just grow up) you sort of realize that it’s nice to have an army, navy and air force… public libraries, police and firemen, public schools, & traffic signs, roads & clean water, a safety net & security& health care in your old age…among MANY other things we prize and deserve.

If you have ever lived in a country where most of these government provided services and safety nets – necessities in a civilized society– were absent , you’d lose the “anti-any kind of government” badass attitude pretty damn quick.

The big problem in NYS is that the middle class pays too much of what it has earned from producing necessary goods and services… and the super- rich pay too little of what they have accumulated by-well-ACCUMULATING.

So cut down the property tax –a middle class killer not based on income-and up the taxes on the accumulated pelf of the sitting pretty- (whose lobbying presence in our state capital dwarfs all others. I’m tired of falling over their well shod feet every time I’m in the halls of the LOB and the capitol bldg.)

At the end of the day there will be winners and losers in Albany. The pillars of our society-working and middle class families-are tired of being the big losers.


So what’s going on right now in Albany?

Well our man Sampson (Senate) is apparently still holding out for property tax reform…I want to believe in him.

BTW…Beware of politicians running for office (aren’t they always?) who have been around Albany since dinosaurs roamed the earth and are now yelling that they won’t raise taxes.

WHICH taxes dude??!!

The one you shifted all your responsibilities to-the ruinous property tax???? Thereby raising middle income taxes by about 60% in the last five years…

…or the ones that were LOWERED at the same time for your buddies, the pirates of Wall ST.??

If the politician doesn’t know that all taxes aren’t equal in fairness…then he’s too dumb to elect.

If he knows but is trying to obfuscate…then he’s too dishonest to elect.

Once again…WHICH TAXES, DUDE??


The Governor is opening and closing parks at a rate that is faster than the race horses belonging to the multi- millionaires in the NAT’L. RACING ASSOC. to whom Albany has just “loaned” 25 million of taxpayer money to ensure that the racing season goes on because -well-the racing season must go on…at a time when we are closing parks-oops, we just opened them again…

…And Speaker Silver doesn’t like the Wall Street bonus tax but does like an increase on the Personal Income Tax of the BIG BOYS –no, you aren’t one of them, kid,  so stop crying– which reminds me of a comment I got from a Tea Party guy.

He said,”Sure,Silver’s  starting on the people who make a million a year but then he’ll start raising taxes on me.”K

” Honey, you make 45,000 in a VERY good year! You got a long way to go! Shut up and put out the weed.”

So maybe we’ll get a billion from this tax…it isn’t enough…but I’ll forgive the Speaker if he earmarks the billion for property tax relief and reform.

…and the soon-to-be Governor, Andrew Cuomo (I can see the white smoke coming out of the chimney as I write) has issued a 243(?) page book of campaign promises…among for the OMNIBUS property tax BILLS….Don’t start cheering…if-big if- everything else goes right in the state first- then maybe our circuit breaker  kicks in to save the middle class from dissolution… (Immediately after N. Korea hosts the Olympic games).

As for drinking your junky drink…it’s your funeral but at least you won’t have to pay more for the sugar high…so far..

…and now the ACTION to watch…

Assemblyman O’Donnell is asking legislators for a marginal tax rate increase on million a year earners…similar to one that just passed in NJ. (higher than what O’Donnell is proposing).

Sen. Dean Skelos-speaking for the Republican caucus- dismissed the idea of upping the tax on million a year earners to pay for property tax reform.L

Ron Deutsch’s response to Skelos (below) is state of the art…Ron is also one of two men in the capital who knows what the hell a “quintile” is…J

ron deutsch

Skelos voted for a similar tax increase on the wealthy in 2003. Not only did he vote for it – he voted to override Governor Pataki’s veto of it. Short memory Senator. It was a good plan in 2003 – it is a good plan now!
The wealthy do not pay their fair share…even with the surcharge they will pay less that the middle 3 quintiles as a percentage of income. Do the wealthy pay a large portion of the states income taxes – yes- only because they control all of the wealth. We need to completely rethink the way we tax in NYS and ask those with the most means to step up to the plate and help bail us out. Many of them just got bailed out by we the tax payers and they are laughing all the way to their incredibly profitable banks. People like FU Dicker should also stop the “rich will flee” mantra and realize that literally half of those that will pay this tax already live in NJ and Conn. They pay NYS income taxes because this is where they make their money. They will not flee to Delaware cause they won’t make their millions there.


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