End the property tax nightmare!

May 19, 2010

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About that school budget vote….


Even though under a court order to provide “…a sound basic education for each child…)-

When Albany unilaterally cuts its share of funding of schools and ALL services as it does every year and especially this year….

Property taxpayers give their all…above and beyond what we can possibly afford…

Giving 30 and 40% AND MORE of our income to keep children in school and teachers teaching….

DON’T anyone use this selfless show of responsibility to our communities and children to say that taxpayers must NOT be suffering because they vote for school budgets…

Not in my vicinity….because I will definitely be all up in your face, Mr. Politician…..

Albany’s response to the property tax crisis is to say, “WE’VE GOT OURS AND THE HELL WITH YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR COMMUNITIES.”

Homeowners and renters-some of whom didn’t understand and some who did understand that a 1% budget increase might mean a 7% increase on their own tax bill- nevertheless were loathe to throw the children under the bus.

Albany freeloaders have no such compunctions.

They give nothing and they get all sanctimonious about it to boot.

Those who voted “no” and those who voted “yes’ please remember who put you in this terrible position-forced you to squeeze your last penny- to go without every little luxury- to wonder how you’ll ever manage the next tax bill…it was Albany!

Not the children, not the teachers, not the sick, not the poor…but the big butt legislators living in their bubble on your money.

Remember the politicians-surprisingly Cuomo among them– whose answer to your pain is a ridiculous budget cap that will not save you a single dime on your bill and will not cut a single dollar from it now or ever.

Pablum…hot air…empty promises…sophistry.

..and remember that Albany failed DISMALLY in the only job they have which is to pay for necessary services with our money …remember that Albany closed the parks…that  Albany favored voting blocs with tax exemptions and gifts…that  Albany gave incentives to the robber Barons of Wall St. and fired workers …that Albany swanned around with legions of bodyguards while they cut our security…that  Albany unilaterally decided not to pay for our schools but to give pay raises or perks to themselves…

WHEN ALBANY DEFAULTED ON ITS OATH TO SERVE THE STATE FAITHFULLY…The property taxpaying public stepped up to keep our children in school and our society functioning.

….no matter how we voted…we voted as we did because Albany failed to pay its way…

We voted NO because Albany bled us dry and we were a tax bill away from foreclosure…We voted YES because we felt we had to keep the schools running in spite of Albany- at whatever price to our financial security.

No matter how we voted we will be the people keeping our schools open.

Let’s pat ourselves on the back and kick Albany in its pampered and ever spreading derriere.…


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