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May 18, 2010

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TUESDAY, May 18, 2010

…am waiting for the results of Omnibus meetings with legislators in Albany…and pondering several items in the media.

The NYTimes has been reporting and bemoaning city and state “incentive payouts ” to our old friend Wall Street  and other financial freebooters….billions of taxpayer dollars to keep these billionaires in NY where they enjoy all kinds of tax breaks.

I AGREE!  Billions for these pirates?  A disgrace indeed!

But the NYTimes –paradoxically – isn’t thrilled with a bonus or transfer tax on Wall St. booty to bail out Main Street.

In fact the NYTimes –in its infinite ignorance of the topic-says the state “can’t afford” property tax relief-which the NYTimes hasn’t shown any interest in learning about.

They seem to equate property tax relief with lowering taxes on the wealthiest among us……when it is just the opposite.

 The NYTimes doesn’t know –or doesn’t care- that the property tax is really a working and middle class vampire tax that is bleeding 20,30,40% of our middle class income in order to protect our family homes from tax delinquency foreclosure.

The Times doesn’t know or care that 20% or so of your sky high rent is probably your landlord’s share of the prop. tax passed along.

The NYTimes has never written about the fact that when you lose your family home to tax delinquency -because you lost your job in the recession and the tax isn’t based on income so you have to keep paying the ever greater tariff –your home will be mortgaged and the county will keep the entire profit-not just the delinquent tax amount.

…or maybe it just hasn’t bothered to do the research to find that out.

The NYTimes has excoriated the state Senate for holding up the budget. The Senate is actually holding out to force long overdue property tax relief to stem the tide of tax delinquency foreclosures…..the best thing legislators in Albany have done in a very long time….

some senators are asking the robber barons of Wall Street (those guys who got all the “incentive money” and bail out money) to give back some of their obscene profits and fat bonus money to restore services and reduce taxes on family homes.

But the NYTimes hasn’t covered this story-nor presented the FACTS.

..and by the way- it is reported that the NYTimes was also the recipient of a ton of  our taxpayer dollars ( as some kind of incentive to stay in NY??).

But STILL the NYTimes says the state can’t afford to scale back exorbitant (no limit) taxes on shelter.

All the news that’s fit to print? The NYTimes?  Well versed in the topics they write about? The NYTimes? Liberal? The NYTimes?

Pass the Barf Bag.

..and  I haven’t started on the CONSERVATIVE press coverage of the property tax yet. 

The WSJ turns positively purple with rage when confronted with the necessity to tax Wall St. to help Main St. But we expected that…didn’t we?

Et tu NYTimes.

..and now we hear that one of our senators –who told us getting  federal $$$$ for property tax relief  to  prevent people from losing their homes wasn’t the job of a US senator –has been asking for a million  bucks of federal taxpayer money for  a gated religious community for very dubious undertakings.

We will hear more on that story later…I’m sure.

…not to mention a would be challenger to that same senator has been talking the property tax talk but keeping every property tax dollar of salary and the considerable perks provided by property tax dollars for his government job. Not too much shared sacrifice, eh?

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