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May 13, 2010

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WHERE ARE WE…..Thursday, May 13, 2010


It’s almost the end of another queasy week in NYS L.

No budget– which might be a good thing if the Senate is still holding out for property tax reform…although you’d think they would have passed our bill by now AND passed a Wall Street tax to fund it,  since they’ve had a decade or two to work on fixing the property tax mess… I guess I’m just picky…picky…picky.

The governor seems to have decided contracts don’t matter in recessions-and a judge has said, “Hold up guys!! Let’s look at this furlough thing legally.”  The nerve of some judges; where do they think they are? The USA?

Speaking of the Governor, he rescinded a big raise (42,000?) he ordered for some of his people when chided by folks who thought that was hard to swallow in this emergency -with folks getting furloughed and all…and no property tax relief yet… what was that bit about how we all have to sacrifice??

Oh right, “WE ALL” means workers and taxpayers only…not big time bankers and small time politicians.

AND THEN THERE ARE THE COUNTIES BRAGGING ABOUT MAKING “PROFITS” on the sale of tax delinquent properties they confiscated.

That means-for those of you who aren’t already nauseated- that the counties foreclosed on homes that couldn’t stump up the escalating and exorbitant property taxes we are paying… and then auctioned them off.

At the auctions the counties received more from the properties than the taxes owed by the evicted owners and the pols  got to keep the “PROFITS”…which they can use for their salaries and perks I guess.

 No, the owners don’t get a penny of that ”profit”.

And AG  Cuomo is alleging that many of the big Wall St. banks duped rating agencies into giving some of the garbage they peddled good notices….

Still want to ask me why we insist Wall Street pay back some of their pelf to help Main Street recover from the results of W.St.’s disgraceful behavior? …and to get us out from under the crushing debt of crazy property taxes?

This isn’t Somalia. We really don’t have to worry that if we make these particular (tax subsidized) pirates pay up they’ll leave and we’ll have no income at all.

There’s  lots more but I figure you’re already reaching for the barf bag….GROSS?  If you mean Albany, I agree.

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