End the property tax nightmare!

May 3, 2010

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We know there are -at this moment- forces at work in Albany to restructure how the state supports-or doesn’t support necessary public services…and there are forces at work in Albany protecting the dismal status quo from which they benefit monetarily.

The state has been –for decades-shortchanging localities and schools leaving the regressive and completely flawed property tax to take up the slack.

I don’t have to tell those of you paying 15 and 20 and 40% of your income to keep your homes off the auction block.

I don’t have to tell those of you who have lost your jobs and savings or soon will.

Meanwhile the super-rich and especially the non-productive, parasitic  legions on Wall Street have been taking trillions out of the economy by barely legal and often illegal means and salting the money away in their private accounts and gated protected communities …untouched by  the disasters they have created.

Now as they say in France the “merde has hit the fan” and it’s easy to separate the good guys from the bad…no matter how frantically the bad guys rationalize.

Not only do the emperors on Wall St. have no clothes, bare -assed they are not a pretty sight.

…those intelligent public servants who want to make Wall Street give back some (small) amount to undo a tiny part of the damage they have done to Main St.

…and those greedy and self-serving others who do Wall Street’s bidding…

are different species of legislators-easily distinguishable.

This is not some conspiracy nonsense. This is not overblown rhetoric.

No one could have made up how it all came tumbling down…how Wall St. was finally exposed.

 If you read any newspapers or listen to almost any TV news broadcasts the story is undeniable. NYS has been had and there really are good guys and bad guys- many of both in Albany politics.

The ‘bought and paid for’ politicians will try the old bromides that Wall St. will leave if we try to tax their billions (garbage)…Wall street creates jobs (also garbage).

 Wall Street creates nothing but phoney financial instruments that produce only obscene profits for the bandits who gamble with our lives and pensions and bank accounts and mortgages and stability.

You will know whom to dump in subsequent elections when these Wall St. toadies fight legislation some state senators are right now crafting to tax a part of Wall St. profits…profits largely resulting from our tax dollars bailing them out.

We need restoration of jobs and services; we need immediate property tax relief and reform; we need to address the deficit.

The state says it has no money (that’s an issue for another day)…we need to move quickly to avert more losses to the middle class.

Homeowners and renters certainly can’t pay any more blood money to keep their shelter.

Only Wall Street -which emerged unscathed  and even richer from the shift of middle class funds into their coffers- has any money…lots of money…lots of untaxed and UNEARNED profits…lots of loot.

You’ll know who deserves to be called public servants when you see how they vote on the Wall St. tax. 

Some won’t be in office after Nov. and they want to secure jobs on Wall St.

You’ll see the good legislators’ names prominently displayed on this Taxnightmare blog.

The villains will try to stop us. The battle has been joined. We are implacable. Justice must be done.


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