End the property tax nightmare!

April 28, 2010

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ALERT!!  It’s all breaking our way… KEEP CHECKING THIS BLOG…..Wednesday, April 28, 2010

If all the activity in the state Senate yesterday and today is any indication (and it is, I assure you.) the NYS Senate under the excellent Senator Sampson-Dem. Leader- is not only holding out for property tax reform and restoration of necessary services, it is about to craft the funding part of the renewal of NYS.

If I seem happy about the method they have chosen  to fund restoration of services and property tax reform, then you should have a clue what that funding will be…did you read all the previous entries or at least look at the cartoons?? (Why not, you slacker? Boring is not an acceptable answer.)

Did the dime drop yet??!! That’s as much as I can say but keep tuned in.

…and you know damned well I don’t get this excited about nickel and dime taxing…I think beetroot taxes and taxing appreciation of your worn jeans (because that makes them more fashionable, dude) are all well and good in their place…this -the home of Goldman Sachs- does NOT happen to be the place.

NYS has bigger shark to catch  tax than you guys-and I’m assuming you are NOT multi-billionaire Wall St. types when I make that statement..

 Thanks to the Senate and the able leadership of our Omnibus Coalition, the equally excellent Ron (“It Man”) Deutsch, and our own Frank M. we are squarely on the right track…If you need more clues call me…845-256-0082….

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