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April 27, 2010

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THE RIGHT STUFF and the terribly WRONG STUFF……….Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Below is the list of the brave legislators standing up for taxpayers and constituents instead of running scared from the pirates of Wall St.


Politicians and reporters are all bleeding hearts on property tax reform and cuts in services UNTIL IT COMES TO TAXING WALL STREET TO PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE AND SOLVE THESE PRESSING PROBLEMS.

Then only the true public servants and the good journalists remain standing and don’t run for their rat holes.


The following legislators stood with Omnibus Consortium tax reformers, fiscal policy organizations, good government groups, and the Working Families Party to demand that Wall Street be tithed to even up the tax picture now heavily weighted against homeowners and renters.  

At present Albany is giving Wall Street  16 billion in tax rebates while TOO MANY of the rest of us go without homes , stability, or security. Something is seriously rotten in Albany!


Suddenly the corporate press-not all but a few- are trying to get Sampson to cave. They insist that there are few resources in the state and if we have property tax reform we can’t restore even the few services the pols are talking about restoring..


No mention of Wall street getting 16 billion in rebates…no mention that it’s property taxes-suddenly it’s just “taxes shouldn’t be cut”.

The press knows the differences and it’s no coincidence that they are trying to suggest that all taxes are the same.

Why the amnesia about property taxes being different from –say- a stock transfer tax.

Why aren’t the pols and press shouting out that at this point we can’t afford to rebate the 16 billion each year that NYS GIVES BACK to Wall Street???

Talk about the big lie…now you’ve seen it…and it’s scary.

Remember this List! These are worthy legislators. Re-electable legislators!

Where’s everyone else?


Assembly members


Den Dekker







A C Powell


F Ortiz

B Lifton

H Jeffries

K Camara

E jaffee

V Gibson

R gottfried




A Thompson

R Thompson

B Perkins

T Duane

N Breslin


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