End the property tax nightmare!

April 26, 2010

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Be strong like that other Sampson, senator…it’s WHITE KNUCKLE TIME for tax reformers………..Monday, April 26, 2010


As usual some of the chattering classes have got the whole property tax reform battle currently being waged ALL WRONG!

The Senate is trying to pass desperately needed property tax reform – using the only weapon at its command- by refusing to pass a state budget without it.


This is make or break time for working and middle class New Yorkers in every city, or suburb, or rural area of the state.

Albany and some pols elsewhere are trying to divide the progressive tax reform community from the service sector.

We – tax reformers, good government groups, fiscal policy groups, and unions- are insisting that property taxes, which have no connection to income, are regressive and not acceptable in a democratic society.

Unlike state and federal taxes which are limited by percentages on one’s income, property taxes are unlimited and can consume all your income and savings.

People are abandoning their homes and leaving the state because of THIS tax not every tax.

In addition if a home is foreclosed for delinquent property taxes, and then auctioned off, the government takes ALL of the proceeds not just the delinquent tax amount.

It’s scandalous, heartbreaking, and patently unconstitutional. Of course homeowners haven’t the resources to pursue this in the courts-certainly not to the Supreme Court.

Over decades-no matter who was in charge of the Senate-excuses were made for not producing property tax reform… the result is desperation and property taxes taking away more and more family homes -and making rents unaffordable.

The only tactic that hasn’t been used is refusing to pass the budget. That’s what the democratic majority in the senate-led by Senator Sampson- is doing.

Because Albany refuses stupidly to listen to its BEST LEGISLATORS and tax SOME of Wall Street’s ill-gotten gains to restore services and provide property tax reform, Senator Sampson has no recourse but to hold up the budget until sanity prevails.

The service cuts are intolerable while Wall Street goes unscathed. Just restoring them is NOT nearly  good enough.

It’s true that the continued cuts in funding education and Medicaid and every other service are then shifted down to the property tax.

That’s been going on for decades. This year will be worse.

But the charlatans saying restoring the cuts is property tax reform enough are just protecting their benefactors on Wall St. and attempting to divide and conquer the service sector and the property taxpayer who are one and the same middle class and working class segment of our society. The most important…the back bone of our society.

That’s an ugly tactic but typical Albany and typical lickspittle for the Wall St. Cosa Nostra.

We urge the Senate to hold out or the battle for the soul of NYS will be lost. We are becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of the kleptocracy on Wall Street and in Albany.

The pain of a delayed budget is bad…allowing the crooks and bought off politicians to win is worse!

Hang tough and live up to your name Sampson….your opponents are NOT nearly as attractive as Delilah.

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