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April 21, 2010

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Yesterday a powerhouse of good guy organizations held a press conference in Albany to protect the middle class from dissolution due to a deadly combination of Albany dysfunction and continued looting by Wall Street.

The Omnibus Property Tax Reform Consortium (our posse), Working Families Party, New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness, Center for Working Families, the Fiscal Policy Institute stood shoulder to shoulder with legislators WHO CARE AND SHOULD BE RE-ELECTED to demand that Wall Street pay a  small portion of the bills that they owe to the citizens of NYS and which have come due!!! ..Or should I say overdue!!

This sterling group asked for a tax on Wall Street’s obscene $$ booty $$ to fund restoration of services and property tax relief for beleaguered citizens throughout the state.

By this time you know what this blog is all about…saving the middle class from chaotic and exorbitant property taxes and NOT TAKING AWAY THEIR SERVICES TO PAY FOR IT! What a crock to try to pit us against ourselves.

 We all consume these services: education, medical care, law enforcement, fire protection and so much more but we don’t all pay our fair share.

A vast majority of citizens are calling for Wall St. to ante up.

Too bad some officials are protecting their pet Wall St. pirates and not the working and middle class taxpayers who are the bulwark of our civil society.

As soon as my list is complete, I will give you the names of the legislators who stood up with us for justice and equity at yesterday’s press conference.

The Assembly legislators at the conference were especially courageous since the Assembly is –apparently and incredibly- not willing to step up to the plate for middle income New Yorkers but is protecting the vast and often dirty incomes of the “looters in loafers” as Krugman has named them.

The Democratic controlled Senate-on the other hand- has been behaving heroically ….who cares why they are insisting on property tax relief and reform. What matters is that they are. They have dug in their heels and are refusing to pass a budget without it!

 Save that list from the conference for when elections roll around… I’ll post it when I’m sure I have all the names.

Some of the comments from these real and really smart public servants gave me-cynical as Albany has made me-a real uplift.


The Senate must continue to function as a bulwark against those in the Assembly who would prefer business as usual which usually means soaking the working and middle class, cutting services, and rewarding Wall Street for its failures.

To break a cycle of dysfunction and be credible and electable the Dem. controlled Senate must continue holding the line and refuse to allow a budget to pass that does NOT include property tax relief and reform and the restoration of services. The battle for NYS will be won if they stand fast.

Support our senators. They are standing up for us.


A list of the legislators who supported us in calling for Wall St. to help Main St. will follow soon.




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