End the property tax nightmare!

April 20, 2010

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Some politicians (BLOOMBERG AND

PATERSON) WILL apparently  STOP AT NOTHING TO PROTECT the Wall St. chancers….It is being reported that Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Paterson have joined together to TRY TO divide New York citizens geographically and foster competition among us for what they claim are the same scarce resources.


In a cynical attempt to  divide and conquer , these two men  are REALLY attempting to protect Wall Street from having to pay back a small share of their ill-gotten gains to restore education cuts AND save the homes of beleaguered property taxpayers…it’s not a case of either/or..

The pols are shamelessly asserting that NYC schools must be protected against property tax reform measures in the state as if the two were somehow incompatible and inimical.

That’s NOT okay talk from responsible officials , guys!

They have further misinformed the public by saying the schools to be protected are in NYC and the homeowners and renters crying out for property tax reform are all in “upstate and the suburbs” …as if they were talking about different countries somewhere in the middle east and not parts of the same state. For shame!

Obviously the two pols exhibited an uncharacteristic burst of energy when a recent Siena poll told them that New Yorkers overwhelmingly supported a tax on Wall Street to address the shortages on Main Street…

So rather than allow their pet pirates-rolling in bail-outs and bonuses- to be tithed to restore services, the mayor and the Gov. decided to make us fight each other rather than look to Wall St. for assistance.

The property tax reform bills currently being discussed (and which Paterson and Bloomberg obviously haven’t bothered to read) would provide a sound basic education for every child in the state. That is a court ordered (CFE) mandate which the Omnibus consortium has built into its property tax reform bill.

Furthermore, while Wall St. wallows in bail-out money and hands out huge bonuses, homeowners and renters in every part of the state-including NYC- are paying much more than their share in taxes just to make up for the racketeers on Wall St.

So anybody who falls for this agitprop from the two pols is a big sap and should be ashamed.


But not all politicians are so debased.

I want to hand it to the NYS Senate-yes, you heard me right- THE NYS SENATE…more on this and the  good guys in the legislature ….and a great press conference LATER…


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