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March 29, 2010

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From the trenches…. tax reformers write to their (vacationing)  legislators…3/29/2010



You surely know Gioia Shebar (thanks Russ J but maybe not) and the TaxNightmare group (that they do know..YES!). Please take note and support the use of the stock transfer tax for funding school tax reform and for crying out loud, PLEASE get the monkey off our backs! I’ve got about another 2 years before I will have to vacate the state. Lucky for me, my job will allow me to live in any of 14 states, and at least 2 of them have (besides no income tax)WAY lower property tax burdens.

I’d like to stay in NY, however. Come on, give us all a hand. Make that government up there do something besides be in the news for the latest scandal.



And PARTS OF Another  letter from a prominent and very active property tax REFORMER to a legislator ….


The property tax reform initiative will continue to be brought up continuously in discussions for enhancing quality of life in New York State until a solution is put forward that takes care of the residential property owners most in need of relief. I will continue to remind anyone that residential property owners are the most abused and neglected constituency of all the special interest groups that lobby government for favorable legislation suitable to their agenda. Simply put, there never has been a really serious effort before to address exorbitant property taxes with the body language for most politicos confirming this concern. I am happy to see Assemblyman Englebright take a leadership stance when it comes to addressing exorbitant property taxes.

While it is understandable as you mentioned that a special interest such as
the bond/stock traders with this tax imposed might move out of state due to
higher cost of doing business, I personally think we can at least tax
perhaps four billion which would be enough to take care of the residential
property owners most in need. The economy will get better eventually and
when it does, I might propose phasing out the recently imposed tax and
replace it with increased state revenues elsewhere to maintain the Circuit
Breaker. Money used for member items are also an area that should be under
scrutiny to address incorporating a circuit breaker bill which would benefit
homeowners the most. As mentioned, I agree with a lot of the groups who
benefit from member items, however, they should be funded directly through
individuals instead of taxpayer dollars.

In closing, I appreciate the information you sent pertaining to changes made
so I can keep up with current data regarding current efforts to address
exorbitant property taxes. I would like to continue to be updated of any
proposed changes as they might occur. In addition, I would appreciate being
notified of efforts made by Assemblyman Englebright to get fellow assembly
colleagues to sign onto the current legislation along with increasing the
tax benefit from 30% to 70%. Seventy percent is most critical to prevent
more people from being forced to sell their homes. Also, at your suggestion,
I would be happy to help with getting Assemblyman Englebright’s colleagues
to sign on to this legislation and bring relief to long suffering

Thanks again for your efforts and I look forward to hearing from you.

..and one of many, many emails to taxnightmare –this one from NYC- confirming that citizens  are letting Albany know they want the stock transfer tax activated to save this state…

E-mails sent this morning.  Thanks for letting us know about this.  What a sound solution!







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