End the property tax nightmare!

March 24, 2010

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In our OmnibusTaxSolution Consortium conference call an hour ago…3/24/2010

…we approved of the appropriate (and our chosen) method of funding for tax reform.

As soon as it’s finished I will publish our press release -on this blog- detailing how and why Albany must use the Stock Transfer Tax (which I have been blogging about for many days) to bring relief to victims (everybody) of the property tax debacle.

When you read the press release it might help to go back to the Omnibus site

…..and take another look at the people and diverse groups which have signed on to this property tax relief and reform funding solution. This is not play time.

It’s crunch time in NYS.

I have no patience with those who come up with lame objections-(Wall St. will move to Hoboken??-Give me a break! ) at  the mere mention of this stock transfer tax.

These folks -who will ( I guarantee) attack using the already existing tax- are bought and paid for… and not by the people of this state….they have zero patience or empathy for homeowners and renters who have to flee the state because their property taxes make it impossible to keep a roof over their heads.

They have no solution to the property tax except people should sell and leave…everyone should sacrifice their entire bank account for public services that Albany won’t pay for…or NYS should get rid of firemen and police and parks and shelters for battered women and children  and teachers and everything… but DON’T change the status quo which has served their masters very well and the rest of us not all…and maybe in the far distant future we’ll have a smaller budget…and maybe you’ll get help with your humongous property taxes……

%$#@*&^ that!

 …My style –(angry Sicilian venting)-not the Omnibus Consortium style- (responsible, logical, knowledgeable, very smart ).

The consortium press release (done by fiscal and policy experts) will clarify how it all works.

Wait for it.

…meanwhile vent with me…it’s good for your health….all together now…..^%$#@** THE RESISTANCE IN ALBANY TO PROPERTY TAX RELIEF AND REFORM!!



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