End the property tax nightmare!

November 29, 2009

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I got this message from a tax reformer who is on the front line:  11/ 28

Property values are plummeting into the hellosphere, however the property taxes are escalating into the stratosphere. Regular people get VERY confused about this little formula. 

Property values and taxes do not go hand in hand as one goes down, so does the other, NOT!!!

The truth is that the formula changes to continually make up for the loss in value.  The rate per thousand keeps shifting.

Also, NO uniformity exists within the system so every county and district within those counties has different formulas. 

Most people get so frustrated and then they call their relative in another part of the county and they just end up more confused because they don’t even calculate it the same darn way.

Talk about people wanting to pull their hair out!!! Now people have no money and their hair looks terrible, NOT a good thing.

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