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November 22, 2009

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When I saw this headline in that great paper the Legislative Gazette …

Milestone for “Albany Mummies”

I immediately thought …….aw heck, you know what I thought.J  Wouldn’t you think the same thing??

Of course the story was about real mummies in Albany’s Institute of History and Art not a critique of the legislature’s last emergency session.

Along with this interesting headline, I hope you caught  the story in the Times about the guy who strangled his wife and got off because he was sleeping at the time and was just strangling some stranger  in a nightmare.

I bet all the pols, who are soon to be –or are already-on trial, are wishing they have the  same jury.

Of equal oddness was a plan for deficit reduction by the Senate Finance Committee, one plank of which would help end the budget gap by just expanding the hours of lottery gambling so folks could stay up later throwing away the food money….

…….now if we just legalize and tax pot and  prostitution, and set up state run  porno parlors-maybe in those tax exempt mansions along the Hudson that are currently deluxe retreats and monasteries – we’d be out of the deficit woods with zero service cuts required.

As I read what I wrote I realize those aren’t such bad ideas…really….(except for expanding the gambling hours which is too timid a move by far unless they’re doing business 24/7.)

In fact the pot tax alone could fund property tax reform.

…and that’s just in Albany.

How else do you explain what’s happening there??


–Here’s a link you should try….the Comptroller’s annual report… sent by a tax reform colleague who is always on the alert…..

An important document to read -if you’re not too tired from those three jobs you work in order to pay your property taxes, you can read how really dire the property tax situation is in NYS.    Really??!! You think??!!



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