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November 17, 2009

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condemnedSOPHISTRY..THY NAME IS ALBANY…Mon., Nov. 16

The kind of reasoning that goes on in Albany these days would make the ancient Greek Sophists blush for shame. The Sophists tried to teach logic in argument.

Today their name is used –perversely- in the word “sophistry” which is just the opposite…an argument that uses confusion and illogic to deceive.

BOTH sides of the aisle in Albany today are masters of sophistry.

The Democrats say the cuts they are proposing would lower taxes. NOT SO!

The cuts they are proposing-whatever else they might do – will not address the burning issue of exorbitant property taxes consuming homeowners and renters.


Absent our Omnibus Circuit Breaker legislation to put a brake on how much of your income can be consumed by property taxes, the proposed cuts ( dems and reps alike are gibbering about cuts and saying nothing about real prop. tax relief) would simply shift education costs and Medicaid costs to the property taxpayer in increased school budgets and increased county budgets.

An AP story recently confirmed the fact of a shift.( In case you didn’t believe me.L)

The Republicans-as you may have read today – are blaming everything on the Democrats, absolving themselves of any responsibility for all their years as the majority party in the Senate. DUH!

Have the Republicans embraced our Omnibus solution or are they still touting useless budget caps which will never roll back run-a-way property taxes? No, they are still touting budget caps and avoiding the real solution!

Have the Democrats embraced our reform? NO, they are still avoiding a solution also.

Republicans and Democrats are both deaf to the electorate that has-by now-lost all respect for either caucus.

The voters have BS detectors so powerful that ANY pronouncement coming out of Albany will have a hard time passing muster.

The simple fact is that it doesn’t take ALL the members of either party to pass the property tax bills (or any other bills) currently introduced in BOTH houses –just a combination of decent and serious democrats and republicans to add up to a majority…even a one vote majority.

The days when the parties could blame inaction on each other are long gone. There’s plenty of blame to go around.

 If anyone tells you that either all the republicans or all the democrats have to be on board for a bill to pass, that’s a piece of sophistry meant to deceive.

It’s incredible that the devastating results of this long running property tax crisis are  STILL used as just another political dodge ball game.

The Omnibus Consortium conferred today and –after a recap of the current Albany scene (L)- went over our plan of action in preparation for our return to Albany. Keep checking this blog for details…more in a day or two.


The press has been leaking names of a possible Cuomo team if he runs for governor…an interesting sidebar in the story was the mention of property taxes as an election issue!  An election issue??!!! AN ELECTION ISSUE!!!??

The chaos being caused by exorbitant property taxes has been used in electioneering for decades without resolution.

….if this crisis remains unresolved through yet another election cycle then Albany should be shut down and gutted like a derelict building. How ridiculous can it get???


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