End the property tax nightmare!

November 14, 2009

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As you know sometimes one searches foreign languages to look for perfect meaning-a word or expression that fits the situation so well you use it in its original form because it  would lose in the translation.

“Cool” and “Okay” are used everywhere in the world…

Examples abound. “Mangia!” (Italian) conveys so much more than just “eat”. “Kawo Kudi” (Hausa) doesn’t simply connote “bring the money” (as I mentioned in a previous blog.)…. and of course there’s always “cherchez la femme!”

Watching Albany on display recently-and waiting anxiously for real movement to stem the fatalities from the property tax crisis- I searched my brain for the perfect way to describe the dithering and gibbering coming from our state capital.

Only one thing came to mind….the excellent Yiddish expression GORNISCHT  HELFEN !”

Check it out…

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