End the property tax nightmare!

October 31, 2009

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Stepford Wife type androids have taken over many bodies in Albany! They are mindlessly repeating the same nonsensical phrase….”We don’t have the money for services !!!”…and they are expecting us to buy it.

Having screwed up for years and wallowed in cash that we turned over to them (perforce)…note the comptroller’s report that the reserves for road and bridge and tunnel repair  have been depleted by these ne’er-do well masters of the universe –and now when it’s needed …all fall down!

….they are now bleating that they have no money to save property taxpayers from a disaster that has been years in the making…by these very same people!

…and some of them are chairs of committees that had oversight over real property and other pertinent tax and budget matters. 

“We don’t have the money.” ?????????????

What the hell have you been doing during the last decade while property taxpayers were reporting disaster just over the horizon??

Oh right…I forgot.  You were holding hearings…and never had any intention of actually doing anything about the looming crisis.

 Not now…or last year …or the decade before.

 Get outta town guys.

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