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October 30, 2009

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WAY  TO  GO  senator  little!!   B

In an interview in an Adirondack newspaper, Sen. Betty Little –gently-brought the media back to essentials in the matter of the Gov’s. attempt to hijack the circuit breaker concept for some purpose of his own…his proposed “circuit breaker” sure wasn’t about property tax relief or reform so it’s anybody’s guess what it was about….

Of course Sen. Little’s language was not at all as scathing or obviously disapproving as mine-not at all.

The senator is understated, sharp as a tack, and well informed… and firmly committed to property tax reform….AND a consummate diplomat.

….much like our own John Whitelely-tax reform expert on the circuit breaker- and, in a former life, a US diplomat. John confers with the senator on a regular basis. He keeps telling us how great Sen. Little is and we concur.

Anyway the Senator commended the Gov. on his entering the lists on the side of the circuit breaker and then drew his attention to the excellent Omnibus circuit breaker bill in the Senate-Liz Krueger’s S4239a.

She commended his timing because the funding for (our) circuit breaker could be included in his budget request.

GOT IT GOVERNOR??? Fund S4239a (same as A8702)…and you’ll have really accomplished property tax reform.

Not to seem sexist but maybe if we elect a lot of gals called Betty  AKA Sen. Little (R) and Liz (D) AKA Sen. Krueger…or any other variant of Elizabeth we’ll have a really functioning state government. The British always thrive under Elizabeths…we need to try SOMETHING …(AND OF COURSE a Steve or two as in Englebright A8702.)



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