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October 29, 2009

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You’ve probably heard media reports that the governor mentioned property tax relief in the form of some alternative type of circuit breaker.

The proposal was released to coincide with the special joint session of the legislature in Albany on Nov. 10th which will be dealing with-well– everything.

For mentioning property tax relief – in what are very crazy and messy and confrontational times in Albany (so what else is new?)- we thank him.

But don’t break out the champagne just yet.

I said “alternative” form of circuit breaker because the Gov.’s proposal certainly does not match any recognizable circuit breaker currently in existence.

…and lest you imagine it could be some new and improved form of circuit breaker let me disabuse you of that notion immediately.

It is the kind of “circuit breaker” that could only be conceived in Albany around Halloween time.

Let me further add that the Mauro Omnibus (REAL) circuit breaker -which the League of Women Voters called the very best they have studied- and which is embodied in bills in the legislature S4239a and A8702 – is available for comparison on  

In a subsequent blog the Paterson proposal will be dissected so you can compare it to a real CB (Omnibus)….unless of course I have something more interesting and valid to blog about which is a distinct possibility because so far the gov.’s antic version of a CB is one big  yawn….

Or as my Aunt Lena used to say about anything fleeting and  meretricious, “A flash in the panty”… of course it’s “A flash in the pan” but no one ever corrected her because it  was so much funnier her way.


For those of you who want the very short version:

·       Paterson’s proposal won’t help anyone very much (and not until a long time in the future if ever) and a lot of people are left out right from the starting gate..

·       The numbers come under the heading of fuzzy math….(does anyone there have a calculator??)

·       It doesn’t “break any circuits” aka stop your property taxes from escalating crazily.

·       Unless a lot of implausible things happen in budgets and the economy and your particular school district in exactly the right sequence the relief won’t be “triggered” at all.

·       Oh right…every year the Tax Commissioner has to be favorably disposed to dispense lolly$$$. (heaven help us if one year he suffers from dyspepsia-we’ll owe him!)


Give– me –a– break!!!

What is this thing the governor is calling a circuit breaker? Beats me.

Now let’s get back to relief and reform of property taxes. Enough of this trick or treating stuff.


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