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October 26, 2009

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One of my pet peeves with the “let’s cap it and forget it” crowd is that they don’t want the circuit breaker to be enacted because then middle income people will be protected from exorbitant property taxes …and for some unfathomable  reason that appears to be a bad thing to them.

Is it because the people  opposing the middle income circuit breaker are among the super-rich (or their political flacks)who don’t need the help and benefit from the status quo?

They don’t seem to want a REAL cap-the only cap that counts- A CAP on what individuals must pay in property taxes AKA a circuit breaker type cap.

Below is an example of some propaganda that proves my point.

This is from a piece that glorifies bogus budget “CAPs” and tries to vilify circuit breaker type caps.

While the circuit-breaker does address the issue of high taxes borne by those with less income, it should be considered only after the legislature enacts a tax cap.”

Which means after folks have lost their homes while our wonderfully efficient legislators are still debating how many personal earmarks each of them can keep in a so-called “capped budget” by cutting services to the taxpayers.

No we can’t wait!house-thief

…and lest you think the people with “less income” -that our circuit breaker will protect- are paupers, the circuit breaker will- in its final roll-out- offer protection to families with incomes up to 250,000!!!

…and the circuit breaker is the only CAP that means anything because it CAPS individual taxes….immediately.

The Caps these people are talking about MIGHT  “cap” budgets…NOT  YOUR TAXES…… ….SNAKE OIL….

Budget type Caps make no attempt to curb waste or stop your legislators (in a so-called capped budget) from shifting money from services to perks for themselves…or for school administrators (in a so- called capped school budget) from shifting money from the classroom to their own salaries….there is no incentive to clean up run-a-way- tax exempts which can still escalate in so called capped budgets leaving you holding even more of the slack…..  ……and they don’t address any of the crud afflicting property taxes like revals and crazy assessments .

So how do these so-called budget “caps” fit under the heading of property tax reform??? THEY DON’T!!

Only the Omnibus Relief and Reform bill fits.

Its circuit breaker puts immediate caps on individual taxes and sets up a mechanism for total reform of the property tax system. TOTAL.

Politics is a nasty business but espousing a policy of withholding help from desperate homeowners while promoting pie in the sky budget type ‘caps’- and claiming they will help you- is beyond nasty!

The budget type  “caps” people are saying in effect:

Don’t bother saving those  wounded soldiers now…let’s win the whole war first and see if they’re  still alive when-and if- we  achieve total victory by following the tactical advice of the guy  who invented the Maginot line. duh!



Thankfully we ALSO have legislators like Liz Krueger and Steve Englebright and all the others who are supporting the Krueger and Englebright  Omnibus Bills!

Make no mistake. There ARE public servants who really serve the people….you will know them by how hard they fight for these bills S4239a and A8702…how aware they are that insane property taxes are destroying family stability….and how concerned they are with fixing the problem…not tomorrow, not next year, but NOW.

Omnibus Solution…accept no substitutes.

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