End the property tax nightmare!

October 23, 2009

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…and of course there’s the news that one of our counties just auctioned off properties and made a million dollars in “profit”.

The taxes owed on the properties amounted to 800,000. The properties sold for 1,800,000. No, the owners of the property do not get the overage…the county keeps it.

… about “you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t.” That’s the situation the counties are in.

The rotten system in place to pay for education means the counties have to make school budgets whole; so if there are delinquent taxes the counties-(MEANING you)-have to make up those delinquent taxes through your county property taxes.

That means you paid your own school taxes in your own  school district but if any district in your county is shorted by delinquent taxes the county uses your county taxes to make up the difference.

So the county has to foreclose and sell properties that are delinquent so the other taxpayers don’t have to make up the difference…and the county has to take the profits over and above the taxes owed from the sale too.

The state will spank their little sales tax bottoms if they don’t go along. They have no other choice. Right?????


This is only true because for years counties have acquiesced in the rotten property tax system… ……instead of growing some cojones and getting together to tell the state “ENOUGH!!!”

In all fairness some counties-Ulster and Dutchess for example- are starting to yell. They are telling the state they can’t pay the state’s bills for schools and Medicaid. They need relief.

I have seen county people-Ira Cohen of Sullivan for example- attend state meetings and make an excellent case for relief and reform…pleading for the state to take action. He was particularly eloquent at hearings of the state Blue Ribbon Commission. I noted some of the very good points he made for the people of his county.

Some county legislators, like Susan (Zee) Zimet, are willing to lead the revolt against a patently stupid property tax system that leads to homelessness and destroys middle income families…..she is willing to take a risk…she is putting the interests of her constituents  ahead of her own political interests and comfort.


Let’s see if the counties will finally band together and take a stand.

 Will they say they were “just following orders” and continue to be enablers of injustice as they have been…or will they finally say “ENOUGH!” ????

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