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October 20, 2009

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MARC ACED IT TONIGHT….Monday, Oct. 19th 2 A.M.


Assemblyman Marc Molinaro (R) did what I have rarely seen a politician do tonight.

He hosted a forum on property tax reform-specifically the Omnibus relief and reform bill -without taking any time at all to politic for his party or himself. If you count getting political credit for being on the correct side of this issue-Marc is a sponsor of the Englebright (D) bill- then okay he gets political credit for giving the bill a boost. It was very graciously done…..

I wish all the Albany pols would try for that kind of credit.

I mentioned the political affiliations of Assemblyman Englebright(D) –another favorite of mine who introduced the bill -and Marc (R)- who is a sponsor- to show that this is a REAL bi-partisan effort.

The evening was amazingly clear of the kind of polarizing rancor that has occurred recently at Town Halls and I give Marc full credit for setting the tone. It was a revelation to watch him engage his constituents on the issue, knowing that they’re very angry-that ALL OF US IN NYS are very angry- about property taxes, and he wasn’t going to hide from it.

I hate to tell you how many legislators will sign on to property tax reform ( or anything else) and then spend ZERO political capital to advance the bill.

It is very refreshing that this is not the case with Marc…


The Omnibus Consortium was invited by the Assemblyman to speak about our bill.

Frank Mauro and John Whiteley -whom I talk about all the time- gave presentations on the background and provisions of the Omnibus Solution to the crowd in East Fishkill Town Hall. Both had traveled for hours to be there.

No one is more dedicated to this struggle for equity than these two guys!

…also Robert McKeon, Carole Kraus, Roberta Whiteley, Chas Shebar, and I represented groups that belong to the Omnibus Consortium…Have bill will travel!

The evening was live streamed and was immediately available on Cable. It is also on Marc’s website and as soon as I have the info I’ll give you the links so you can tune in to the forum and see for yourself.

What you won’t see is our conversation with a military man headed back to Afghanistan for his third tour of duty while worrying about his mother and grandmother who are victims of insane property taxes…the taxes are eating up his mother’s income and she has had to borrow on her car to pay them!! Not pretty, Albany.L

Then there was the guy on disability with 5000 in property taxes to pay….. or the woman who lost her home and found out too late that it would be auctioned off and she wouldn’t get a penny from the sale. The county took not only the taxes owed but ALL the proceeds of the sale. Didn’t know that happens did you?

Roberta took the stories (by George) and you’ll see them on this blog.

My big question is :

If Marc can obey his conscience and sign on to sponsor Englebright’s bill; if he can work HARD to get it passed; if he can understand how dire the situation is….where are ALL the other Assembly people of both parties? Find out by calling your Assembly members and ask if they are sponsors on A8702…and if not, why the hell not??

…and don’t forget to call The Governor and tell him to put the money for the Omnibus property tax bill in the budget….WHERE IT WILL DO THE MOST GOOD.

The next day…8A.M.

The birds woke me…I’m surprised their nests haven’t been foreclosed yet.

…and Omnibus says “thanks” to John Hickman the supervisor of East Fishkill…  this isn’t an afterthought..I wanted to start the day on a cheery note- before reading the Times -and John is a cheery note.

John is the amiable and low key C.E.O.( no bonuses) of the town that hosted our property tax forum last night. He was most welcoming.

The tech guys did a great job for us too…so thanks East Fishkill.

Bi-partisanship was the tone all around…John(R) had recently hosted Andrew Cuomo A.G.

 He had nice things to say about Andrew and I reminisced about Andrew’s father Mario, once governor of NYS.

Mario, a great raconteur, used to tell this story about the depression in the 1930s…(bigger even than this one).. Gov. Cuomo said his father lost everything in the Great Depression when the stock brokers who jumped out of windows fell on his pushcart.

….so Good Morning Albany!! Ready to pass that Omnibus bill??!!


The archive from Monday night is now online at



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