End the property tax nightmare!

October 16, 2009

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So sayeth the mayors in their Conference….

Mayors actually have a job to do.…and they depend on Albany to a large extent for the means $$$$ to do it.

The Conference of Mayors asked the state government in Albany-which is in slash and burn and cut (in haste and panic) mode- to PLEDGE not to shift the state deficit onto property taxpayers.

The mayors stated that high property taxes were the number one priority in our state.

You got that right, mayors.

Albany is not creative in getting money from the federal government…for example, NYS is still owed billions for “No Child Left Behind” the federally mandated –test the kids until they become androids and they don’t bother anybody anymore– test.

And Albany is loathe to raise income taxes on the super rich though it has no trouble raising income taxes on the middle class.

What the hell do they think property taxes are?

When people are paying 10% or 30% or 40% of their incomes (and even savings) to keep their homes from the auction block, these “property taxes” are really income taxes… on steroids.

 The homes aren’t generating any money to pay the taxes!

It’s a tax on income to keep your shelter from being taken away.

So when Albany sees that its books are out of balance….duh!…it does what is easiest…cuts its share of funds for services ( like medicaid and schools) and shifts the costs to property taxpayers.

State government does damage to society by making careless or politically inspired choices about what is of value and what isn’t.

Thus far they have shown no awareness that -alongside food and clothing -shelter is a basic need in any society…no awareness at all.

They cavalierly tax people out of their homes while doling out meretricious tax exempts and treating themselves lavishly.

The mayors know what they’re talking about. We have heard many of them ask for property tax reform.

The mayors know what will happen so they are trying to warn state government in advance.

Take the pledge, State Government. You cannot shift your deficit to property taxpayers. It wasn’t property taxpayers who got us into this mess in the first place. You broke it…you own it.

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