End the property tax nightmare!

September 24, 2009

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Let’s hope he isn’t going to be just another mouth to feed.

From Lt. Gov. Ravitch’s curriculum vitae I have hopes that he will be a reasonable voice for sane tax policy: including property tax relief and reform.

At any rate he’s off to a good start by declaring he doesn’t need lashing of underlings to do his job….just someone to answer the phone.

What a sterling example he is to the Albany people who need cohorts of aides –like Roman emperors-to prove how important they are…or to form an impenetrable barrier to the public…a first line of defense against the people who pay their salaries  (and health care and pensions…and per diems etc etc ad nauseum).

Meanwhile back in the legislature (How do you know if they’re back?? Simple, there are more cars in the parking lot.) some “public servants” are calling for the STAR rebate-a mangy doggy program if ever there was one- to be re-instated…at a cost of about a billion and a half.*

Anyone who knows the value of relief and reform- and isn’t just blowing smoke-knows that the same amount of money could have been put into the tight, targeted, League of Women Voters supported Omnibus Solution  and actually would have made a big difference to homeowners all over the state.

That’s what we are fighting for….not some FrankenSTAR pyramid scheme. No junk, guys!! No cheap knock-offs…just the real thing, Omnibus prop. tax reform.

C’mon guys. The courts will force you to step up to the reform plate eventually.

 (Interesting cases in Sullivan and Ulster Counties are  just the first of many such challenges.)

Try not to look too much like doofuses…or in the case of some legislative czars, like solipsistic (different from auto-erotic  but only slightly) obstructionists….people are clinging to the edge.

Offer a helping hand; don’t step on their fingers- as you have been doing.

* Just heard from Bill Hecht (Cayuga Tax Reform) that to administer this useless rebate program costs 2.7 million! Boy, Albany really knows how to waste our money.   10/1/09





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