End the property tax nightmare!

September 20, 2009

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…and what the hell does it matter to Eileen who could lose her home in the near future if SOMEBODY doesn’t act-and quickly?????

Eileen and a lot of good, hardworking people just like her- who thought their paid for family homes were safe from insane taxation (no other word so aptly fits the property tax) -don’t have the luxury to speculate about who will be governor in a year.

By that time they could be homeless.

Eileen’s story is below. If it doesn’t break your heart and make you work harder for property tax reform, then you’re probably a politician who is beyond redemption.

Be angry guys…be very, very angry…..

I have written before about my tax nightmare. I took care of my mom for 3 years after she had a massive stroke. I was unable to work because my mom needed 24 hour care. I went through all my savings and took out a home equity loan and paid my bills with the equity loan just to be able to live. I did have income from another house on my property. My sisters lived in the other house and I received income from that but, after my savings was gone, my income was not enough. Now I am in a jam because, I fell behind on the property taxes. My 2 houses are on separate deeds so I receive 2 tax bills for each house. My mom has since passed and and every job interview I have gone on are all negative. I’m 57 years old and have a very low income. I sold one of the houses to pay off the home equity and 6200 dollars for current taxes on the other house. I owed 12,000 dollars in back taxes so the county put me on a 2 yr contract and that is 584.06 a month for 2 years but, than you have to be current with new taxes or the county takes possession of your house. I  now have a school tax bill for approximate 3500 due by November 6th and I’m deathly afraid I will lose my house. I do not have a mortgage on this house and this is where I live now.So,  if I cannot come up with the money, the county will take possession of my home. I think in these terrible economic times and How I know there are more and more people that are losing their homes that are in my same situation. There needs to be something done immediately for all the poor people that have lost their homes because of a bad economy. I think someone needs to bring this to president O’bama’s attention. All I ever hear about is how terrible the mortgage company’s have been but, our government is taking away peoples homes for owing 2 yrs in taxes even if you own the property and do not have a mortgage. I think they give you 30 days to pay all of the back property taxes after that, the county auctions your house and they keep the profit. It feels like stealing to me. We need to change the 2 year contract. If you owe 2 years of property taxes,  the dept of finance will put you on a contract to pay the back taxes in 2 yrs BUT, you have to be pay your current taxes. The trouble is many of us cannot do that. They can easily change this contract to a 5 year contract to be paid on a monthly basis. After the bad economic times we have had, it will take 5 years to get back on your feet. There is also penalties added on . By the time you are finished paying the contract you are paying 12 percent in interest over the 2 year period. I owed approximately 12,000 with added interest and penalty’s and by the time I’m finished paying I will have paid over 14,000 dollars for the back taxes. I just want someone who reads this to speak up about immediate tax reform. We cannot wait another minute. I wish President O’Bama somehow gets to read this so he is aware of what is going on in our little county’s. We need property tax reform. Thank you


Eileen Jacobsen

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