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September 17, 2009

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Yesterday the Omnibus Consortium for Property Tax Relief and Reform conferenced  (okay so it’s not a word..don’t be picky…)  on closing the deal with Albany.

We need property tax reform or we need a lot of tent cities in NYS to accommodate the folks driven out of their homes by the property tax scourge.

I prefer reform.

We need our Omnibus bills passed now.

We need the governor to put the funds-a ludicrously small  amount compared to the need– in the state budget in January.


We need you to call Gov. Paterson (518-474-8390) so we have back-up when we descend on Albany and tell them to close the deal on property tax reform. Kawo Kudi guys!!!!*


I have- in all the entries in this Taxnightmare blog- tried to convey the sense of urgency in the Consortium’s work.

With increased school costs , increased pension costs, increased Medicaid costs, and increased wasteful  spending on the part of careless legislators on the county and state levels, we can expect a tsunami of property tax increases which will finally overwhelm all your financial defenses.

At this time there are no protections in place against confiscatory prop. taxes. (Have I mentioned this before??)

The Omnibus Consortium members (led by our coordinator, Ron Deutsch) discussed our plans to meet with the people who create this state budget and close the deal…..

Once the money is in place, the passage of our bills –S4239A and its companion in the Assembly A8702 –are good to go.

This process of changing the way we tax people to fund necessary services has been hard and slow….but deliberate and intensely fought  .

Those of us at the front have been focused and relentless….there is NO other viable way to force intelligent change in a democracy…

Democracy is messy, often frustrating, always a challenge….the alternatives to democracy are much worse.

If we allow ourselves to flag in this marathon-at the 24th hour- people will lose their homes and families will suffer terribly.

That is unacceptable.

Okay…forgive the rhetoric but stay on this struggle with everything you’ve got.

We will be having meetings in Albany after October 13th when  we finish forums around the state.

More on that later.

Call the governor asap. Tell him you support the work of the Consortium and want money for our bills put into his January budget.

The Omnibus Consortium has been characterized recently as a “powerful group” working for property tax reform. We are only as powerful as your support makes us. ( No kidding.)

Call the Governor…please.

 * Bring the money..close the deal!!!


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