End the property tax nightmare!

September 12, 2009

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That’s from the Hausa language and it says literally, “Bring the Money.”…but it really signals that the haggling is over and the deal has to be made or it’s quits….

Hausa traders have infinite patience but they also know when they’re being jerked around and when the deal needs to be made …..or else they fold their wares and pack their camels (or jeeps) and head into the sunset….

….. and let me say that you don’t jerk a Hausa trader around with impunity… some point there’s a reckoning.


Well kids, I’m at that point with Albany…..and let me say that you don’t jerk tax reformers around for five years-and in some cases more- without a day of reckoning.

This ‘special’ session in Albany has begun with the usual dismal results already in evidence.

No deal on ethics reform; the matter of the appointment of a Lt. Governor in the courts; and I haven’t seen any urgency on the #1 issue of property tax reform.

The state government has reneged on obeying the court order to fund education in a constitutional manner-providing a sound, basic education for each child…

…and people got a nasty surprise when they opened their school tax bills…Rick Karlin explained why in an excellent exposition of yet another duplicitous move by Albany…they lowered your STAR exemption because your property was worth less…so your taxes went up!!

As Gene P- who is usually very eloquent and fluent in the language- famously replied to this story of the latest stab in the homeowner’s back, “No shit, Dick Tracy!”

Typically for Gene, you’ll notice, the comma is in place.

I could write a tome on Albany’s disregard of basic human decency when dealing with property taxpayers but I’m so used to it, all one needs to say is, “No shit, Dick Tracy!” No surprises there.

No surprise that a perfectly good idea of acknowledging that the power to tax is the power to destroy and protecting all religions from being discriminated against has been perverted by Albany into a vote getting wholesale distribution of tax exemptions to exclusionary communities living off the fat of the land at the expense of their neighbors and their neighbor’  farms and businesses.

No surprise that Albany has passed along its responsibilities- like Medicaid and education which should come from its coffers- to householders struggling to survive.

No surprise that the property tax which has some validity if properly and fairly administered (which it isn’t) in supporting some limited local costs (instead of EVERYTHING Albany doesn’t want to pay for) has grown like a giant malignancy until is consuming our homes and family stability.

No surprise that Albany doesn’t even pretend to function as a deliberative body and just pads its own nest at the expense of the taxpayers.

No surprise that county politicians  are now emulating Albany (so they’ll fit right in when they get there) by spending hundreds of thousands of your hard earned dollars to decorate their offices while  people are losing jobs and the money could have prevented hundreds of foreclosures.

I hear your weary response to this well known catalogue of disgraceful deeds…”No shit, Dick Tracy!”


What is a surprise is the fact that the Omnibus Property Tax Relief and Reform Consortium is preparing to meet with “public servants” in Albany in the near future to give them one last chance at redemption…this session….

Pass the Omnibus Relief and Reform bills, Albany!



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