End the property tax nightmare!

August 31, 2009

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From both Bill and Gene (tax reform activists) we have received more alarming news on the property tax disaster front.

A newspaper headline read “50% jump forecast in pension costs”…..

We have been warning you about this jump in pension costs due to losses in the market. 

Pension funds are invested in the stock and bond markets and-like everything else- suffered losses.

The law states that pension losses must be made up and –guess what– they will be made up by increased property taxes around the state.

Our unhappy prophecy has been verified by NYS Comptroller DiNapoli.

It is estimated that local taxes will go up about 10% just to make up the pension fund losses.

…and still the state has not moved on property tax reform.

If this continuing, inescapable, crazy rise in property taxes doesn’t constitute an emergency, I can’t imagine what qualifies as an emergency in our no.1 (in dysfunction) state capital, Albany.

It seems you can only set a fire under our public servants by threatening their perks.

Most of our current crop of legislators –like wax fruit- look all shiny and polished but are entirely useless except as decorations.

They continue to blame everything and everyone but themselves.

Some yell for a constitutional convention-which may be a very good idea- but the legislators are still responsible for the mess we’re in and they can’t shift the blame.

If it was so impossible to deal with something as critical and basic as the property tax disaster (without a constitutional convention or other outside intervention) why did so many legislators stay in Albany and play the game for so many years????

You get no points for suddenly joining the call for reform when you have been part of the problem all along.

You DO get points for getting the emergency Omnibus Relief and Reform Bills passed ASAP…that means WHEN YOU (legislators) RETURN IN SEPT.

Under the constant financial assault of property taxes, many New Yorkers –except those who have already chosen to leave- are in flight or fight mode.

They have to decide whether to sell-if they can- and flee the state… or stay and fight. You know what I’ll say.

If you can hold on a while longer, stay and fight along side  us.

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