End the property tax nightmare!

August 20, 2009

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Don’t have unprotected sex  TAX!

I look at EVERYTHING going on in government through the prism of our crazy Property Tax system…and-if you want to keep your home and at least some of your $$$$$- you should too!

At present you are completely unprotected in the matter of how much of your income you can be made to pay in property taxes.  You can end up paying 100% of your income if we do not secure the protection guaranteed by our Omnibus Bills….currently in the Senate are S4239A and in the Assembly A8702.

We will be working hard to get the money for our circuit breaker in the Governor’s budget.

Sure we want long term reform of the cockamamie ad valorem taxes…property taxes…( school, local, county, etc.)


But if we don’t get immediate relief and protection asap… the circuit breaker portion of our Omnibus bill… your financial goose will be cooked long before any reform is in place.

Should you wait around for a cure for tetanus (which can kill you) or should you get protection –a tetanus shot- BEFORE you get the disease and while we find a cure….Easy answer to that. Protect yourself!

Meanwhile Property Tax snake oil solutions are peddled all over the place…

LIKE “we need budget caps” ( (maybe 100 years from now that’ll keep taxes down or maybe it’ll just be destructive…do you want to wait to find out?)

OR MAYBE “Let’s cut spending”…sure but cut what? My entitlements? Your entitlements? Okay …cut Albany’s entitlements.

I like that… but can we wait for Albany to cut its perks … without any property tax protection against taxes consuming all our income in the short term?? AS IF!!

OR MAYBE “Let’s re-instate the puny, screwed up tax rebates.”  Sure that really helps like a bandaid for a heart attack.

Let me repeat….Look at everything through a property tax prism.

Albany has a way of shifting its responsibilities onto property taxes…

Guess who will pick up the increased recession Medicaid bills if no health care reform is passed in Washington to get people on insurance? The increased Medicaid $$$ costs will come tumbling down on us, property taxpayers!

Your county prop. taxes will pay a bunch more. YOU!

…not the financial resources of the Feds (a lot bigger than yours, dude)….Not the financial flexibility of the state (a lot more sources of $$ than you, kid)…

… will pay or lose your home…no matter how high it goes….you will pay in your property taxes for Medicaid for the uninsured. Yes, I DO look at everything through the prism of prop. taxes…..

How about education? The state is reneging on a court order (postponing, they say) to pick up a lot more of the cost of education. Who’s making up the slack…..Property taxpayers! You knew the answer didn’t you?…

No unprotected anything, guys……no rampant, unprotected property taxes…they WILL destroy your financial base and your family’s stability…

The Omnibus Bills and ONLY the Omnibus Bills will put up a preventive firewall between you and the messes out there….while we look for a cure for the prop. tax disease….

Does everything impact prop. taxes negatively?

Let’s see: corrupt state government, lack of health care, lack of funding by the feds and state for the increasingly high cost of education, lack of fed and state provision for safety nets for folks in a recession, increasingly generous and nutty tax exemptions, waste of money in Albany, loss of jobs, bad assessment practices, loss of money in pension funds… name it, it falls heavily on property taxes one way or another.

Are you willing to wait for protection and relief from ALREADY outrageous property taxes while we TRY to  reform all these areas????

NOT me!

… …get vaccinated…help us pass the Omnibus Bills…get the circuit breaker up and running….


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