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August 19, 2009


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Followed by continuing garbage coming out of Albany…AND A WORD TO THE WISE ON HEALTH CARE REFORM AND PROPERTY TAX IMPACT!!!


Hey G,


I couldn’t resist the power of slogan! So, for what it may be worth to our cause, I submit the following:




Property Tax Payers of New York State Will Not be Baited into More Rebates!


Anyone in the NYS legislature advocating the restoration of property tax rebate checks over a real, state-wide property tax/education funding overhaul, is just baiting NYS homeowners with more stalled and stale policy tactics.


Now is the time for REAL PROPERTY TAX REFORM, and we will not settle for anything less. Learn more about the real solution to ENDING THE PROPERTY TAX NIGHTMARE at


Hope you’re having a lovely summer! Still working ecstatically and feverishly on my book!






A FOLLOW-UP ON LYDIA’S COMMENTS: Senator Catherine Young is pushing a petition to restore rebates…….WHY??!!!

Here’s the scoop on how useless and expensive the PROPERTY TAX rebates were and what the Senator should be doing instead….

This is the story.


The prop. tax rebate check gave back money without much regard to income so people who paid  more- sometimes high income people since there was no real income determinant- got a great  deal more  money.

For example the owners of a huge estate with millions in income every year  could get a rebate much larger than the ordinary property taxpayer who was paying a much greater percentage of income for property taxes…sometimes 30% or even 50% of their income… in other words the person paying 30% of their income in property taxes would probably get much less of a rebate than a Rockefeller paying one thousandths of 1% of their income in property taxes…..unless the Rockefeller’s mansion was assessed lower than the middle income person or the rich person lived in a hovel-Both very unlikely circumstances.


In addition the program cost a lot to administer and sometimes people who had paid no property taxes at all received the checks. One friend tried to send the unearned rebate back and was told not to bother because it would further complicate the whole rebate!


In many cases -we have heard- divorced wives (married when they paid the prop. taxes) received nothing because the checks were sent to husbands whether BOTH had paid the taxes or not.


In other words,  the rebate check program –we are NOT talking about the regular STAR programs now-was so badly managed and was such a poor use of available funds, it should have been done away with and been replaced with our Omnibus bills  S4239A and A8702.


Doing away with this flawed, expensive rebate program WAS a good thing…but NOT replacing it with real property tax relief and reform was not a good thing! In fact that was very bad.


The Omnibus Consortium thought the funds recaptured -when the rebate was cut out -could then be used to institute real relief through a circuit breaker program where none of the rebate abuses would exist and middle income people would get back far more.


Also the many people who get a break from a circuit breaker-the bill very generously covers  incomes of up to 250,000 in the fourth year- would get a chunk of their property tax money back  and the state would make up the difference…not other property taxpayers

Neighbors wouldn’t make up the difference with their own property taxes -as happens now with generous and badly policed tax exempts to very large religious and quasi-religious organizations.


The state does have the money for the things it chooses to spend on.


(There will be an expose soon by ZEE on big $$$$$$$$ sent-by Albany- to middle eastern sheiks from your tax dollars that would have been enough to fund our circuit breaker…you will read it and SCREAM.) Go Zee!



State money generally comes from income based taxes which are individually “capped” ….not a useless budget cap but a cap on your individual taxes.


You only pay a certain portion of your income for income taxes….always…it doesn’t depend on county or local or school budgets.

In order to change the percentage you pay in income taxes the state has to pass a bill.


That is seldom done and is always highly fought over. The last raise only applied to the tiny percent of VERY high earners and was only a small raise.


BUT, for your property taxes to reach 20%, 50% , even 100% of your income, all that has to happen is for school, county, local budgets to go sky high  or for you to lose your job or for the state to give out tax exempts in your area…or for a company like Dynegy to get a big prop. tax break so you make up the slack as happened in Marlboro….- and you get stuck  with the bill.

A small rebate wouldn’t matter  one little  bit…but a circuit breaker in place could save you from foreclosure.


In addition the state gets money from fees and sales taxes and many other sources of loot. Not all the money comes from your income taxes….property taxes ALL come from you to save your home.


In short: Reinstating the rebate sucks –The Omnibus Circuit breaker is the real deal. 

Bringing back the rebates would be like raising the Titanic to add to the ferries going to Staten Island…WHY???!!


….and talking about throwing away money (don’t tell me you have no money for tax reform, Albany )…….The NY TIMES reported today that Sen. Pedro Espada received about 500,000 of your tax  $$$$ for new hires and raises for personnel…..:(  read who these folks are……

…..Albany is-as they used to say about “fallen women” -without shame….. 

However-presumably- unlike Albany -the women gave some value for their money……

……AND-in case it hadn’t occurred to you- if federal health care reform (much in the news) succeeds in taking  people off Medicaid-paid for in large part  by your skyrocketing  county property taxes– and puts them into some kind of health insuranceyou will be off the Medicaid property tax hook for a whole helluva lot of $$$$$$$$$$

– SO…if you take part in this health care debate and you pay property taxes (BOTH homeowners and renters do)

– please remember which side your bread is buttered on…enlightened self interest dictates that property taxpayers will benefit from proposed health care reform….and yes, I am obsessed!


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