End the property tax nightmare!

August 15, 2009

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Uh Uh dudes…hands off…don’t try dirty politicking with the property tax issue..

You can kick around the serious crisis of health care and use it to get people riled up and crazy for your own nasty political reasons…That’s not my pea patch right now … but keep your sordid paws off people already suffering from chaotic property taxes or you will have me to deal with…and I’m furious as it is!

Our governor-in his continuing search for relevance- decided to give what one senator is nastily calling “bonuses” to people on welfare to buy their kids school supplies.

If the Gov. wants to continue to make tiny, uncoordinated, badly timed, and divisive overtures to  big, big social problems like poverty and joblessness and insane property taxes …problems that really require thought and creativity and daring- instead of bandaids- he has to expect the opposition to pounce on him…

However when one Senator says the governor is giving “bonuses” to “Welfare” folks that he could have used to reform property taxes then the Senator has made a mistake…don’t mis-use the property tax issue-our issue- to push some other item on your agenda, Mr.Politician.

Mis-using the property tax crisis to advance some other issue is a favorite ploy of the Albany pols…

The governor himself is trying to push through budget caps by erroneously calling them property tax relief or reform which budget caps most definitely are not.

…but  most especially, Albany  …Don’t EVER attempt to throw the heartbreaking issue of property taxes into the mess of some tawdry identity politics that you guys play up there…

Don’t conflate the equally heartbreaking issue of sustaining the poor and jobless in a recession with your decades long willful neglect of property tax reform…

Albany has played around with the property tax issue for years in order to advance political careers. Every pol you talk to runs on property tax reform…but none of them has come close to  accomplishing it…and it’s always the other guy’s fault…  


Now I have my own clear vision of the welfare group who should be cut off from the public dole…and that group includes the senators and all the Assembly people getting big bucks for looking busy and actively preventing all progress on property tax reform for as long as their privileged posteriors have warmed the leather seats in their opulent offices.

Albany government (not services just government) costs us a quarter of a billion dollars a year-and that’s what’s on the books.

God only knows how much we really spend to feed, clothe, house, pension off, and provide lifelong gold plated health care for these Albany layabouts…..not to mention the governor’s office… and the nieces and nephews and sons and lovers and lawyers of the whole Albany kit and caboodle who are serving as deputy assistant to the assistants in charge of cutting checks for politicians and keeping toilet paper stocked in their private bathrooms….

…and -in all the years I have been working on tax reform – these political parasites on the public dole- have never given up a single dollar of their own WELFARE money (-what else do you call taxpayer money the pols haven’t done a damned thing to earn-) for the good of the people- for property tax reform- for people who are in danger of losing their homes…they haven’t sacrificed one thin dime of their salaries, perks, or privileges.

Do not attempt to divide the citizens of the state by using property taxes as a wedge, Albany.

We citizens ALL need and want property tax reform….rich, poor, middle class, young or old, employed or jobless, city dwellers  or farmers, or rural folks, or suburbanites, owners or renters…all of us want property tax reform.

 You guys have had decades to solve the crisis. How dare you blame property tax chaos and corruption on anyone but yourselves.

Get it done, Albany…..or get your lazy selves off welfare -AKA the public payroll.

It’s about time you all got real jobs anyway.


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