End the property tax nightmare!

August 13, 2009

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…but don’t ask about health care…..

Okay you can ask when you call in on Satuday, August 15th, between 8 A.M. and 10 A.M. to WGNY 1220 AM or WDLC 1490 AM.

WGNY# is 845-561-9469.

WDLC # is 845-858-WDLC.

Zee (Susan Zimet) will be sitting in as guest host and I’ll be keeping her company on Michael Mazzariello’s talk show “Closing Arguments”.

My answer to health care questions will be that people who are kicked to the curb by outrageous property taxes probably can’t afford health care….

I might have a little trouble bringing in the evils of property taxes in answering questions about legislators’ predilection for bizarre sex scandals but-trust me- I’ll squeeze it in.

Call and vent about property taxes….keep the issue current in the media.


Should I even bother to talk about the Senate job created for Senator Espada’s son? NAW…too easy…and he resigned anyway when folks started talking ‘nepotism’ which is against the law…and no, you won’t find “nepotism” on a porn site…. When it’s the public getting screwed you have to look to Albany.

Should I fume about recent job creations for friends of “Albany ‘public servants’ in high places” -despite a purported hiring freeze? NAW….

I’m saving it all for when some Albany ‘public servant’  tells me they have no money for Property Tax Relief….

For the time being we must work with the people currently in Albany in order to get our Tax relief and reform bills passed… I am restraining myself…

YES, I AM! You have no idea what unrestrained looks like, honey..

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