End the property tax nightmare!

August 10, 2009

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Wrong way, Albany!!

In this recession it is incumbent on government NOT to put further stress on consumers who will roll up into  protective balls  like hedgehogs and try to save what little they have…that approach by government makes everything worse..

The feds have attempted to avert disaster by putting money into the economy…..thus far we seem to have stopped the slide into a full- fledged depression…

Most importantly Washington has attempted to help avert foreclosures which are bad for individuals, terrible for neighborhoods, and horrible for the economy…

I don’t mean to wade into that national discussion right here (my focus is Nightmare property taxes exclusively)  …..but it does seem appropriate to point out that Albany has been running fast in the other direction….

Let’s see how that has worked.

They pretend to be cutting or capping budgets (as if Albany ever sacrificed any of their perks!). They say that  saving money is the solution to the crisis.…Albany gobbledygook!!

Their concept of saving money is to further beggar property owners by making them pay for the public services Albany SHOULD be financing, like schools and Medicaid (expanding due to the crisis of people losing jobs and health care).

By NOT dealing with the chaotic property tax tsunami that is drowning so many householders and renters, they are directly adding to the foreclosures we have to prevent for our economy to survive.

They have even cut prop. tax rebates (as puny and silly as they were) and replaced them with more mandates, more tax exempt give-aways,  and zero prop. tax reform.

Their solution is bogus budget caps….which put not ONE DIME into the pockets of consumers…and don’t cap a single property taxpayer’s enormous tax bill…let alone cut the soaring property tax for a single homeowner.

Their policy of denial and neglect is either stupid or duplicitous …or both.

Are they panicking and unable to cope or are they greedy and determined to make us pay for their ‘business as usual’ regal lifestyles?? …regardless of the damage to OUR lives and the economy?

It is hard to imagine that Albany doesn’t have access to the best economists and the most voluminous data to help the struggling middle class…Frank Mauro-the state’s most acclaimed and knowledgeable fiscal guru- is just an email away guys and gals!

….And of course they have the perfect vehicle to stem the tide of bankruptcy and despair facing homeowners and renters….they have the Mauro Omnibus solution already in bill form for them to enact ….S4239A and A8702.

…instead of being part of the solution, Albany, thus far, has  become the  biggest  part of the problem.






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