End the property tax nightmare!

February 26, 2012

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LET’S SEE WHAT ALL THE CUOMO HYPE IS ABOUT…  a review for those of you who just tuned in.:-)

The big deal “property tax cap”?

That didn’t cap your property taxes, did it?


The big deal “middle class state income tax cut”?

Let’s see. That cut taxes for millionaires about $22,000 and up. The rest of us got between $40 and a couple of hundred. So now the 1% are doing even better than before when they were doing just fine anyway.

“Gambling” is the answer?

The plan is to enrich a Malaysian gambling company

and –because half of New England will have casinos before us- to create a glut before we even start on a dubious enterprise of dubious worth and shabby social value.


If it can be made safe…?? Okay maybe not.

Hooray for agreement on “teacher evaluation”?

Except it came out of a Crackerjack box…proved to be dumb, chaotic, and annoying to parents in its NYC “premiere” this week…nothing to do with children…nothing to do with improving teaching or education…everything to do with politics…another way for bureaucrats who have no clue what education is about ( but get big salaries) to waste EVEN MORE taxpayer money…Another train wreck.

Once again…there are no peas under those shells…

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