End the property tax nightmare!

February 19, 2012

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…and why you should too.

Property taxes are flawed in so many ways.

They are not based on income. They change every time the real estate market goes up but they never seem to go down. They are excessively complicated. The assessment process is not rational or transparent for the taxpayer. 

By that I mean anyone who isn’t a trained assessor -(and even they don’t like it for the most part)-finds their property tax bill challenging if not actually crazy and unfair.

If a person loses his/her job, chances are they’ll lose their house for property tax delinquency or deplete their savings. There are no allowances for loss of income as there are for income taxes.

There are no deductions for children, health care, mortgage payments, or education expenses.

The rich are favored but poor and middle income families are victimized by the property tax because it is used to pay for more and more public services like education and medicaid without regard to escalating costs or ability to pay.

If your house is foreclosed and auctioned off for delinquent taxes, you lose all the equity in that house, not just the amount owing.

E.G. You owe 25,000 in property taxes. The county takes your house; auctions it off; gets 50,000 and keeps ALL 50,000.

Most people don’t know about this outrage; including –sad to say-one state budget official I enlightened on the matter! He refused to believe it. Now that’s Scary!

It is done all the time and counties list the money as “profits”. “Loot” would be more like it!

The folks who suffer this theft of property (often innocent of the practice until it’s too late) don’t have money to challenge it all the way to the highest courts where it most certainly would be disallowed.

Now all of these are excellent reasons we absolutely MUST reform the property tax- a major burden for those in the middle of the economic spectrum- which is most of us.

But that isn’t the reason I HATE and LOATHE the property tax.

As a woman who is not affiliated with an organized religion I am supporting organized religions-ALL OF THEM– because they use public services which the rest of us pay for and which WE ARE FORCED to supply them free of charge. They are tax exempt and pay no property taxes-and not just on their acre upon which the church resides…THAT would be reasonable …but they are exempt from taxes on a whole host of activities and 28 billion dollars worth of NYS property – SOME PRIME REAL ESTATE- which they bank or even use for thinly veiled commerce. It is scandalous, widespread, and completely politically expedient.

Some religious groups form gated communities and receive tax breaks and other largesse from politicos who hope they will deliver a bloc of votes …and they do.

What has brought my ire to the boiling point is the recent intrusion of organized religion into the political arena with both feet and loud voices in the matter of secular women’s rights to services and choice.

The religious prelates -whose luxurious, idle life style and travels I have been supporting with my taxes- have used their untaxed cash to lobby extensively to impose their religious beliefs on MEME, the gal who pays their taxes!:(

 They have spent that untaxed cash to attempt to curtail my rights and I’m furious.

I VERY MUCH mind being tithed for religions I do not subscribe to…that is in effect what the property tax does…and I HATE IT!!

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