End the property tax nightmare!

November 30, 2011

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So- Governor Cuomo-as we said he would do in a previous post– is floating the idea (well his creatures are- same thing) that maybe tinkering with the upper tax brackets


might be in order considering the state deficits still looming even after  massive cuts TO VITAL SERVICES .


Plus –he  really seems unable or unwilling to go back on his Grover Norquist- like statement that he wouldn’t raise taxes on the top 1%…in fact he declared categorically he’d cut the top tax rate (surcharge) thereby giving the richest among us a 5 billion tax cut.


 That was then….


Well a lot happened on the way to the big tax cut give-a-way…

OWS happened.

The polls, showing New Yorkers really,really want the top 1% to pay their share, happened.

The tax cap proved to be the snake oil we said it would be.

Local governments are in revolt.

Fire departments can’t seem to get all the ridiculous paper work required by the dumb cap done on time.

There was no promised mandate relief.

The middle class figured out it was getting the short end of the stick.

That’s what happened…and MORE.



But the governor’s thinking about changing the tax brackets a bit…but doing it like a reluctant virgin bestowing favors… seems to be the approach instead of telling the raw, unblemished truth.


The Albany crowd cannot justify a tax give-a-way to the very richest people when we have so many problems besetting the state …

…when there has really been no property tax relief…in fact the situation is now worse than before.


…when the economy is in the toilet.

…when services are faltering.

…when we can’t fix our crumbling infra-structure (the Tappan Zee for one).


This gubernatorial tinkering is a little too little and a little too late.  

 We should not be overcome with gratitude even though we welcome this very small ray of light.


Albany’s on the hot seat with the deficit-big time-and frankly I don’t see any real remorse or forward movement on the part of the legislators.

Even some staunch lobbyists  for the rich have not been disposed to hold back criticism on the mandates and corporate welfare…probably as a warning not to cave on the millionaire’s tax (…a threat seems to be implicit).


Bless the big mamma of CSNY, Ms. K. (she of the “let’s not pamper the workers “rep?) …she’s not giving (Cuomo ?) a “blank check” she says of the talk on bracket raising for the top 1%…pulling the leash on Albany ?

Letting the administration do a little tinkering with the brackets but warning on anything more?


Albany is sizzling kids…and let’s see which way Albany jumps.


…meanwhile we keep doing what we’ve been doing…the property tax as now constituted is the worst tax bar none–okay with the exception of the poll tax…and continues to do immeasurable damage and continues to be invisible to the Cuomo administration biggies even as they test the waters of MAYBE admitting that the mega rich need to chip in…..So far it is a little too little and a little too late for tinkering.


Scratch that…IT’S A LOT TOO LITTLE…and a lot too late for tinkering.





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