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November 29, 2011

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In dissenting from a really BAD (political?) top NYS court decision which allows NYS to continue giving lots of public money to corporations in defiance of our NYS constitution (which clearly prohibits such folly) ….

Associate Judge Robert Smith said…

“I seem to remember a time when IBM could make money by selling its products for more than it cost to produce them. I would have thought semiconductor manufacturers could do the same. If they cannot, a bail-out for their shareholders is not a prudent use of more than a billion dollars in taxpayer funds.

Of course, the New York Legislature, so long as it stays within constitutional limits, is free to disregard both received economic teachings and common sense. I have defended before, and will no doubt defend again, the right of elected legislators to commit folly if they choose. But when our Legislature commits the precise folly that a provision of our Constitution was written to prevent, and this Court responds by judicially repealing the constitutional provision, I think I am entitled to be annoyed.”

Judge Eugene Piggott’s also registered a scathing dissent from the ludicrous majority decision.

We in the tax reform movement are fed up with all three branches of state government acting like it’s perfectly okay to hand out billions in taxpayer money for corporate welfare…money that comes from the nearly empty pockets of strapped middle class taxpayers and serves no public purpose.

So this year’s session in Albany will be a helluva lot different than ever before because the public now knows:

It’s BS that these coddled corporations create jobs. We have proven they don’t.

It is a fact that the top 1% of the wealthiest New Yorkers are paying nothing even close to their share of taxes for public services.

It is indisputable that few of those at the top of the yawning wealth gap produce anything of value for our society.  Nor have they earned the immense wealth they have accumulated by dint of hard work in the service of our country. Quite the opposite. (In other words Mr. Kolb, they are not “successes” as you have designated them when referring to the millionaire’s tax as a “success” tax”.)

It’s more BS that the state has no money. It has billions to dole out to campaign contributors. It rebates 14 billion to Wall Street in stock transfer taxes alone.

It is galling and insulting that the state responded to the property tax emergency with massive cuts to services and passage of a tax levy “cap” that is a “lie”- and which the politicians knew would not reduce property taxes by one penny.

Obviously we tax reformers are no longer alone in our disdain for and distrust of the politicians in Albany. The OWS tsunami is evidence of widespread grass roots discontent with political malfeasance.

The CC. of will be meeting soon to outline its agenda in response to Albany’s intransigence and malpractice.

and we will be keeping in mind what we learned through years of lobbying pro bono and fighting non- stop for tax reform -that the record of service to the public of the vast majority of Albany politicians…stinks!


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