End the property tax nightmare!

October 23, 2011

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So how much dumber can public policy get?

How about spending a few million to try to catch cheating on standardized tests but cutting out important regents tests because the state doesn’t have money for them?

Of course the testing industries probably make more money on devising bizarre schemes to catch the 14 possible cheats on standardized tests (which are educationally useless anyway) than they make on giving regents which actually might measure learning in a particular subject…All of which the state is trying to make property taxes pay for anyway…

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How about cutting out law enforcement jobs so the state can give tax cuts to people making a million a year (who probably have their own private security- so screw public safety)?

How about allowing fracking on the excuse it might produce a few jobs while guaranteeing a load of pain down the road when the state (for which read property taxes) has to pay for toxic clean-up and haul in water because the wells are polluted?

DUMB…and dangerous.

How about insisting on capping local school budgets (and calling it cutting property taxes); at the same time as cutting state aid to schools…

…and how about the Governor inveighing against the bureaucracies and top heavy administrations in education… at the same time as handing these same bureaucrats the cap ax to cut money out of the budget … while knowing full well (unless you’re in a coma) that these same administrators sure in hell won’t be cutting their own huge salaries, perks, or jobs?

Naturally they axed teachers and programs for kidsand Cuomo handed them the ax…more administrators…fewer teachers…thanks again Governor.

DUMB  AND disingenuous.

…and all of it to protect tax breaks for the 1% who have skimmed all the money from public life and use it to retreat into their private sheltered enclaves (from which they pull the strings on their puppet legislators) while we all –renters and homeowners alike suffer the loss of jobs, the resulting squeeze on public services, and higher property taxes…

DUMB , dangerous, disingenuous, and DOOMED TO FAILURE

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