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October 18, 2011

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The “myth of the moving millionaires”

               Yesterday Ron Deutsch (leader of the Omnibus Consortium)

made the case definitively for the necessity and fairness of retaining the millionaire’s tax.


…and at the same time our Governor came down from Mt.Olympus (from whence he rarely speaks to the press) to liken his obstinate refusal -to consider keeping the tax on those making a million or more a year- to his father’s objection to the death penalty???

…and said that people were inconsistent so he wasn’t going to listen to the latest poll where 72% said they wanted the millionaire’s tax to stay…


Words fail me… but I suggest that his refusal to speak to any but the most right wing media is totally understandable…and he should probably stick to that practice…

 Millionaire’s surcharge…Death penalty!!?? Say what!??



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