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September 30, 2011

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       We want to inform those who have asked if is participating in the Oct. 3rd Conference at SUNY (the one supposedly to help people cope with the tax levy cap and for which there is a $60 entrance fee), we are definitely NOT participants.

WE do however admire the conference title “The Tax Cap Challenge” …sort of like the “how to live with boils on your bottom challenge.” No thanks we have enough challenges already such as :

The “unfunded state mandates” challenge

The “living with ruinous property tax” challenge

The “just lost my job” challenge

1) We do not support the cap and -as we are progressive tax reform advocates- we could never in any way be affiliated with Patterns for Progress which is hosting the conference…and is not… a progressive anything.

2) Those of us who worked hard to bring REAL property tax relief proposals to the attention of the Suozzi (he will be a speaker on Oct.3rd) Blue Ribbon Commission (which turned out to be just a front for cap pushers and not a property tax relief commission at all) wouldn’t want any part of this conference. As you know from this blog and your own experience the property tax situation has just gotten WORSE since the Suozzi commission report came out.

3) Participants –local officials- will have to pay a fee to attend the event on Oct.3rd and hear how to live with the tax levy cap. They foisted the cap on us and are now going to explain-for a fee– how it works?! Uncharacteristically for me, WORDS FAIL…

4) We -bona fide tax reformers do not solicit money to help educate officials or taxpayers on the issue of property tax reform. Our activities are pro bono. We would never charge money for giving information that will help our communities.

5) Moreover we do not think local officials should learn to “cope” with the cap. They should be fighting it and demanding real property tax & mandate relief and reform for beleaguered property taxpayers.

6) All the major grass roots tax reform groups are demanding a millionaires’ tax to fund property tax relief and reform, not suggesting that people simply learn to cope with fewer and fewer services and higher and higher property taxes…the real collateral damages brought about by the cap.

It is possible that in a stunning reversal the speakers at the conference at SUNY will announce that they are now going to fight to immediately get rid of all the unfunded mandates killing local government and that they are going to fight for a circuit breaker to cut back property taxes immediately and that they are going to fight to reform the whole chaotic tax system that benefits the mega rich at the expense of the middle class.

After all they got the cap really fast (which will cost people jobs) and cut state aid really fast (so property taxes went up a lot)…so if they plan to announce they will FIGHT for some real property tax relief and tax reform really fast…I’ll be happy to apologize..

7) We will be holding a REAL property tax reform conference at Mohonk later in the month. Pro bono.

The operative word here –in case you didn’t notice is REAL.


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