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September 30, 2011

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I have a bone to pick with teachers…

No, no you silly bagger (not a misspelling…I know how to spell bugger)… the bone is not for their meager earnings or hard won perks…anyone who blames our current “troubles” on a teacher making 45,000 per annum but will fight for the right of a guy making 12,000,000 p.a. to avoid paying taxes is too dumb to bother about—or is a politician…AND THAT’S WHAT I BLAME TEACHERS FOR…

Somewhere back in the day of every pol was a teacher who loved him/her…a teacher who-upon discovering that Junior could read the equivalent of “See Spot Run..” and never, ever wet his pants during recess- told the child’s equally fond parents that Junior/Junioress was both gifted and talented and could one day be president…and that was the end of sensible political discourse in this nation.

Every politician-(and MANY of the kids who received this encomium became politicians rather than learn some useful trade)- wants to be president. Every governor and legislator does only what will advance their political fortunes…and that is the hook upon which those of us lobbying for tax reform have to hang our arguments for reform.

When we go to Albany to work on tax reform e.g. the millionaire’s tax and property tax reform, we are acutely aware that our plan for relief and reform for property taxpayers is a necessity if the middle class is to survive; but that fact alone doesn’t cut it with the pols and won’t convince them to act.

We have to make the case that the pol who accomplishes this feat is headed for the oval office (or at least re-election).

This is credible given our property tax reform agenda …because it is actually true that property taxes are becoming a scourge nationwide; NYS is just the worst offender in shifting its responsibilities from the state coffers onto already insane property taxes.

Resolve this issue and you have a great plank on which to run for prez.

 The tax levy cap was a feeble attempt to dupe the voters and is already showing its seamy underbelly…the cap is going to raise your taxes and reduce services!

…and most people have already caught the stench of snake oil. (google Meghan Murphy’s splendid column in the Times Herald-Record 9/28)

So back we go to Albany with the message …”raise millionaires’ taxes to pay for property tax reform”…it’s popular, Gov. (et al)…and Mrs. Applebee (4th grade teacher of “gifted and talented” class) would be so proud.

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