End the property tax nightmare!

September 26, 2011

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Why property tax reformers lose sleep and wake up screaming…

Think on this stuff for awhile….

Don’t you wish these were your tax rates?

2.4% Tax rate for Google
2.0% Carnival Cruises
1.0% Goldman 
0.4% Blackstone Group
0.0% JPM on $12 Billion Income (REFUND $1.4Billio­n)
0.0% Exxon
0.0% BofA
0.0% Wells Fargo
0.0% AT&T
0.0% GE_
0.0% Phi11ip Morris


The state has “saved” itself a hundred and thirty million give or take a few…how cool is that?

Not cool at all.

The “savings” are the result of limiting STAR so property taxpayers who are desperate for relief get to pay MORE…. So “we the people” are actually picking up the tab for “them -the politicians” who now have millions more to waste or to gift their friends… after all the “state” –when name dropped by state government -means the pols not the people.

This is a direct quote from the (waste of space) educ. Dept. directive on rating teachers…(thanks to the NYTimes)

Title:“ New Templates Clarifying Scoring and Metrics”…and this was the clarification..”The percent of range is the share of the comparison range covered by the school’s result, used to determine the share of points to be earned.”

Thank whatever gods may be that these jerk bureaucrats (who get a LOT of money from the public coffers) do NOT come within ten feet of our children. Having created “metrics” to “rate” teachers- BWAAAA… – they then go back to a—kissing the testing companies hoping for crumbs from the billion dollar testing table. This COSTLY educ. bureaucracy makes the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party look positively sensible.

Do not ask what your property taxes pay for…they pay for “metrics…templates…and point scoring parameters” … and other such bullshit (let’s call a spade a spade…) and they pay to have these dopes fire teachers and hire more test writers.


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