End the property tax nightmare!

September 25, 2011

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It’s a mad, mad world…

Just  a few weeks ago a seat vacated by a Dem who showed off his crotch on the net was won by a Rep who was perceived by religious folks as being more invested in protecting Israel and punishing gays than was the Dem candidate who had a very amateurish comb-over that was surely the REAL cause of his defeat. It was said to reflect on Obama’s chances. Given Obama never showed his crotch anywhere in public and doesn’t have a comb-over it’s hard to see the connection.

A presidential candidate’s aide apologized for her use of the word “retarded” -which utterance was surely an example of self-hatred given the thimble sized brain of the candidate in question.

A major story was a TV argument about how we should have done away with enemy #1, Bin Laden, (killed before or after a trial) by people who weren’t there and certainly would have been in the way had they been there.

A big handsome but running to seed cowboy manqué swore on the bible he always has on the ready, that even though his state was in flames because of a singularly rare and extensive  drought, there was no evidence of global warning and we should elect him president  (president of which now defunct country formerly a part of the now defunct USSR??).

…and at a tea bag sponsored debate of the Rep candidates for prez the audience clapped and cheered wildly and gleefully at the concept that sick folks without insurance should be left to die…classy folks these tea baggers.

So yes, we have lost a lot of skin in the quest for civilized behavior since our exceptionally civilized founders thought a republic could work-even given the proclivity of our species towards murder, mayhem, and electing reptile brained state legislators.

However-as long as those of us who get steamed at dumbed down and greedy government persist in our quest for equity we should survive.

Now about that property tax problem…


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