End the property tax nightmare!

June 28, 2011

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Remember these names.


Abinanti(D); Barron(D); Burling(R); Cahill(D); Friend(R); Jaffee(D); Latimer(D); Lifton(D); Miller, D(R); Nolan(D); Paulin(D); Peoples-Stokes(D); Rabbitt(R); Schimel(D); Weisenberg(D)

They are the Assembly members who knew the tax levy cap was a scam AND HAD THE COURAGE TO VOTE “NO”

They voted against what is being called the “Big Ugly” bill because it is deceitful and will cause more harm than good.

It was touted as a property tax reform bill and IT IS NOT.

It was touted as mandate relief and IT IS NOT.

It was touted as an affordable housing bill and IT IS NOT.


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