End the property tax nightmare!

June 25, 2011

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I HAD MY BARF BAG READY WHILE I LISTENED TO THE NYS Senators explain why the “big Ugly” as their pastiche of a last minute excuse for a bill on caps, mandates, rent regs (and hemorrhoids) was passed. Five Homo Sapiens (the smart guys) dissented and voted ‘NO”.

The others-Homo Politicus  -all went cravenly along with the three big cave guys (Cuomo, Skelos, Silver) and mouthed a whole lot of basura about what an historic moment it was… (actually it was a perfect historical example of a Pyrrhic victory which will come back to bite them on their oversized fundaments) …some just sounded like they really didn’t have a clue what the bill was about because they probably hadn’t read it…

They are deranged!!! That’s the only explanation for why they patted themselves on their backs and claimed to be doing all kinds of good things for NYS (the nation, the world, and the universe) with this chaotic mess that actually will RAISE property taxes. In addition they didn’t fix rent regs, and will have “a commission to look at mandates”. HOO HA!!!

They will now declare victory and go home to get campaign donations from the superrich who got 5 billion in tax reductions and 14 billion in stock transfer rebates.

Oh but before I go let me say this sterling bunch of prevaricators also passed increases in tuition for SUNY which they claimed was a great thing because now parents could plan and count on the 300 a year increases every year!!??

One Senator said it took the uncertainty out of paying tuition. Sure it did Senator…NOW working families  are CERTAIN they won’t be able to afford college for their kids. Thanks a bunch…and don’t forget to take those meds…okay?

I WANT YOU TO WRITE AND THANK Senator Parker who stood up and said-in effect- LOOK ME IN THE EYES while I tell you that-for a fact-  THE CAP IS NOT GOING TO BRING PROPERTY TAX RELIEF. THE CIRCUIT BREAKER WOULD HAVE BROUGHT RELIEF…AND then he VOTED “NO” on the crazy mixed up bill..

Obviously the intelligent five senators who voted “NO”-names to follow -have NOT been drinking the kool aid in the water fountains in state buildings.

The guys and gals extolling this pastiche of a bill are scary demented.



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