End the property tax nightmare!

June 25, 2011

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I THOUGHT THE Senate was bad…..

I am now listening to the Assembly members give speeches (debate is too intelligent a word to describe what these people are doing) about the BIG UGLY bill that just passed the Senate…. Here are excerpts..

Yada yada..great victory..our families..yada yada…the fight will never end…yada ..this is a first step yada…once again (PLEASE not again) …protecting seniors ( you’re not protecting me kiddo…you’re making me nuts)..yada blah

Wait a minute…that’s Kevin Cahill…and he is saying,(paraphrasing) ” Property taxes are too high; A cap that raises them 2%doesn’t make them any lower. I vote “NO”… THANK YOU Kevin…

Schimmel just voted “NO” …thank you Assembly woman… she’s a REAL and caring public servant.

Lost the feed from the Assembly (there IS a god.) Will return later…


This “BIG UGLY” BILL is NOT OUR GOOD OMNIBUS BILL…it’s a poisonous mixture of snake oil in many areas that need solutions…like property taxes, rent regs, mandate relief (and like I said probably a whole lot of junk people don’t know is there…)

…and it is NOT property tax relief and it shortchanges the other areas.

MORE as the fight continues….

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