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April 14, 2011

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JUST RETURNED from the OMNIBUS CONSORTIUM MEETING in an undisclosed location Jin ALBANY…

Ate, drank and were merry over missteps from the enemy….yep, hard as it is to believe, there are enemies of property tax reform…hey… ANY KIND OF real TAX REFORM!

This gang has a whole load of money to spend because they get massive tax breaks under the present inequitable tax system and they spend it to keep their privileged status and even increase their advantages .

They are throwing the moola around like confetti pushing the cap.

BTW I wish they hadn’t taken ownership the word “cap”. It doesn’t cap property taxes but people have been lead to believe it will. Our CIRCUIT BREAKER DOES CAP your individual property taxes and even reduces them….so don’t be misled. The Omnibus circuit breaker is REALLY an INDIVIDUAL PROPERTY TAX CAP…the TAX LEVY CAP the politicians want (and will be running around touting) is really CRAP…but they can’t spell.

In addition the Richest of the Rich lobby  sent expensive flyers to New York City residents decrying the number of superintendents in the system. (I SUSPECT THEY CAN’T TELL L.I.FROM BROOKLYN.)

 Since NYC (UNLIKE THE REST OF THE STATE) has ONLY ONE superintendent who is moderately paid (as such things go) it left the recipients scratching their heads over how cutting the ONE super was going to save a whole lot of money. Maybe if these guys actually lived in NYS and didn’t just make their millions here, the PR would be better targetted.

But who’s complaining. These guys-the richest of the rich- like the Comm. to Save NY (translation: SAVE in an offshore bank) have lots of bullets but they can’t shoot straight.

The consortium members discussed this huge money advantage anti- tax reform groups have.

If we lose to these scammers I foresee disaster for homeowners in the form of ever escalating property taxes, huge problems for local governments, curtailing of vital services, and creating a general balls up with their meddling and buying up legislators. But the good guys (That’s Omnibus) never lose so stay with the fight.

This was a work session (with a chocolate chip cookie..). Mindful of how we have to lead the charge to REALLY save NYS, we must have a circuit breaker…and some tax equity wouldn’t hurt either. (Take that Mr. 29 million a year salary and practically no taxes).

NYC residents will benefit as well as Long island and Upstate NY from our work on property tax reform.

A cap will NOT cut property (OR REAL ESTATE) taxes or even prevent them from escalating.

A cap will not address outrageous tax exemptions (in the MANY billions) for land banking and other decidedly unholy practices being perpetrated in the name of religion.

 A cap will not break up the bureaucracies costing billions a year that our esteemed Gov. is railing about.

A cap will not heal the wounds of crazy assessment practices (hard to respect a tax that depends on guesstimates and gimmicks to decide how much to tax you.)

A cap WILL cover politicians asses…they think they can say they did something about these problems.

A cap WILL please the richest of the rich who profit from tax inequity.

So Omnibus will continue lobbying and calling in political chits and going all out for circuit breaker legislation.

I have to admit-over a glass of the house red we traded stories and gossip and rumor and opinion with some legislators and staff  we converse with regularly…and discussed facts and innuendo from the media…and analyzed the state of play…e.g. which public servant wants what and is willing to trade what for it…

Let’s just say NO ONE really wants a cap-okay a few dunces- but every pol is afraid to say so…they all really want:

A)      the other guy or party to push them into taxing the bail-out billionaires a bit more than the practically zero they’re paying now


B)      they are afraid of their future electability when the results of their hit and miss budget cuts materialize….OOPS…”we didn’t expect THAT”, is not a good excuse, Albany.

C)      The three men who run things usually want something really badly (like rent regs maybe?) and are willing to trade…or maybe want someone elected in Brooklyn so they give a religious community up-state a big 18 million to finance religious education ( didn’t we cut school aid for everyone else??) and get the votes in Bklyn- maybe?… all horse trading. 

Did I say it was pretty!!???

So that’s what we did and more.

You will see the results in coming weeks. Meanwhile the boys and girls in Albany gave themselves two weeks off because they are exhausted from breaking all those eggs without ever managing to make an omelet.

Call their offices just to be annoying. Tell them to get the circuit breaker in play. OR wait until they return from an all -expenses paid jaunt somewhere and THEN pounce. The Omnibus Consortium has your back.

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