End the property tax nightmare!

March 30, 2011

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NOW  1:52 …AQE press conference on the impact of the governor’s budget on K through 12…our kids are at risk…let’s hope the Gov. is listening….

4th floor is overflowing with citizens from around the state…

Expecting a Press Conf. on rent stabilization soon…(Do we really want NYS to be the homeless capital of the nation, Gov.?)

(I’m on the line with ZEE listening live..)

People are chanting….the schedule is being read…these citizens will be sleeping in the capital  all night…”we’re here today because this budget is heartless”….

Anna…a nine year old scholar is speaking to the governor right now …all her enrichment is being taken away…art, music, Odyssey of the mind, science fair….

Anna says “Standing with me are all the thousands of students who …” and here she mentions all the programs that would be cut from thousands of students…(heartbreaking)


“I hear you are taking money from our programs to give to millionaires”….from the mouths of babes, Gov.

“How in the world can you do that??” cries Anna.

The crowd is cheering Anna… they booed Cuomo’s cuts.

Anna says her favorite teacher may be taken from her. She thanks her teachers. Tears are flowing.

We’re all SO proud of Anna…and ashamed of Albany.

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