End the property tax nightmare!

March 30, 2011

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It might be if it were a good budget. This one is plenty of nothing… nothing for anybody but the Wall Street high rollers. So what else is new?

Well how about some stories from the front?

Since you asked —what about the news reports that Speaker Silver was beaten into submission by the mighty Cuomo club? (Thanks to my Freudian analyst friend who gave me the wording.)

How can you tell ANYTHING about the notoriously inexpressive Speaker? Beware the bland one. I would bet what looks like the Speaker’s submissiveness is just the prelude for “His Inscrutableness” to turn  around and take a big bite out of somebody’s complacent ass.

The Cuomo budget is a big sloppy wet kiss for the Comm. to “Save” NY- (get out of my head, Dr. Freud) that collection of guys who scarfed up everything in the way of tax breaks and left nothing for property taxpayers or anybody else…but there is still revenge by legislation.

Both Assemblyman Cahill and Senator Bonacic have bills that would address the fecal-load of property taxes crushing the middle class. 

We’re supporting the Bonacic bill which asks for a millionaire’s tax to fund our Omnibus circuit breaker…I have always supported Cahill’s bill that would transfer most school funding to the state where it belongs…imagine the bliss …well, keep on imagining kid because in the 6 years I’ve been supporting the Cahill bill it hasn’t budged an inch.

Will Sen. Bonacic fight for his excellent bill?

WE IN Omnibus  certainly will… and I hope the Senator is out there cutting deals as I write…the battle for tax equity has just begun.

Speaking of battles…there’s a lot of great protests going on today at the capital. Already quite a few citizens have been arrested in past days protesting the “billionaire rescue” the new governor has made the centerpiece of his first months in office.

What ever happened to women and children first?…or even men who aren’t incorporated in the Cayman Islands?

The Cuomo lifeboats seem to be filled with bespoke suits and hand-made shoes from Milano.

Speaking of Milano…I used to love dragging old Mussolini into my comparisons. Now I can’t even use Il Duce when it is so tempting to do so…it doesn’t seem fair since Cuomo and I are both of Italian descent which gives me license to transgress…but really, comparing people to dead dictators though tasty, isn’t rational or even true.

For example, our tax reform movement has been threatened repeatedly by aides to wanna-be tough guys- but so effing what!

We have been asked by the press why we aren’t afraid of retribution. Retribution?

What, they’re going to take away our birth control pills?

I was a kid in Fascist Italy and, honey, if checking our tax returns (don’t think they won’t cause they probably will ) is the scariest thing this crowd in the governor’s office can get up to, we will most likely survive to keep up the struggle for tax equity.


Why am I not in jail protesting the current lousy budget? Believe me I’ve had my jail overnighter packed since 1960…the strikes, the civil rights marches…all that good stuff… and never managed to get arrested. I’ll probably finally make the cut over a traffic violation…not the way to get into the history books!

Just got the word from ZEE…she’s on her way to Albany and will be sending me instant news …time out to blog the scene which will come before this essay.


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